Woman Praised for Standing up to Man ‘Harassing’ Her at the Gym

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A woman has received an outpouring of support online after she shared a video of herself being harassed while working out…

Just seconds into Chelsie Gleason’s now viral video, a man could be seen approaching her while she was weightlifting…

Chelsie explains that the guy in the video had been “harassing [her] for months,” and that she’d never met him prior to joining the gym.

After Chelsie ignores the man once, he can be seen getting closer, trying to whisper in her ear…

At this point, Chelsie backs away and shouts: “Don’t come near me,” as she stands her ground, despite being freaked out by the situation.

The video has ammassed over thirty-two million views, and people online have been praising her for calling the man out on his behavior…

“I’m proud of you for standing up for yourself,” one said. “That’s true strength.”

Another wrote: “I’m so glad you jumped away and spoke loudly! I’m glad you’re safe.”

Even Gymshark commented on the altercation, writing: “The gym should be a safe space for everyone. We’re sorry it hasn’t been for you lately. Proud of you for sticking up for yourself!”

After sharing the video, Chelsie posted another, giving more information on the aftermath…

She explained how at first he seemed like a “nice guy” who would often try and talk to everyone at the gym, but he soon became hyperfocused on her.

“After weeks and weeks and weeks of this happening, you know, it started getting a little weird. Like, why is he approaching me, I’ve already told him, you know, leave me alone. I don’t really need your help. I don’t really want your advice. I’m not asking you for anything. Just kind of leave me alone.”

It all reached a peak when he approached her that day. “Finally, after this video blew up, we got his name, we got ahold of him. He’s banned. He can’t come back,” she said.

“When I got to the gym last night, they informed me that he tried to come back and the police were called and he was arrested. And they found he already had a warrant out for stalking another girl.”

She concluded: “So but there you go, that’s pretty much it. He’s in jail. Now he’s kicked out. He’s banned, everybody’s safe.”

Clearly more needs to be done to create a safer environment for women to work out without the fear of harassment.