A woman has shared a video proudly claiming she is a "catfish" and she's left the internet stunned.

Kenidi McCray posted a video to TikTok showing how she looks with and without makeup and people are shocked.

In the video, which has amassed more than 3 million views, Kenidi shows herself sat in her car wearing makeup.

Showing off her glam makeup, Kenidi wrote, "What my boyfriend gets 0.07% of the time."

Seems pretty normal so far, right?

Well, the video then switches to show Kenidi "the rest of the time"...

Dressed in a baggy, over-sized t-shirt with no make-up.

The video left viewers so shocked that many claimed it could not be the same person in the 2 clips.


Reply to @08leafsfan89 going live for those who want to see the makeup tutorial!! And chat

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One user even wrote that it is "confusing to me how do people manage to do this."

To which Kenidi replied: "Witchcraft."

People were that certain it wasn't the same person that Kenidi decided to record a livestream showing them her makeup trickery.


I really catfished him ##catfish ##foryou ##fyp ##greenscreen

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You can watch the video above.

Well, we think Kenidi looks great both with and without makeup!