Woman Redecorating Her Home Finds Decades-Old Message Hidden Behind Her Wallpaper

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A woman has gone viral this week after she uncovered a decades-old message hidden behind her wallpaper.

And that’s just the half of it, as the person behind the note has been found. Keep scrolling to see the hidden message for yourself…

And it seems that’s especially the case when we decide to strip everything back and renovate our home.

A woman over the pond in the UK found a decades-old hidden message behind her wallpaper. Keep scrolling to see what it says for yourself…

There’s really no better time than during lockdown to get those long-awaited jobs around the house ticked off your to-do list.

And what we want it to look like – from the interior to the landscaping.

Whether it’s fitting a whole new kitchen, bathroom, and flooring, or even just a lick of paint – giving a house a makeover is certainly no walk in the park.

Totalling up the cost or materials and/or the decorator themselves isn’t for the faint of heart.

Pinterest and a paintbrush is all you need, right?

Anyway, sometimes you just need to strip the house back down and start all over…

It just has to be done.

… until something stopped her in her tracks, that is.

So, as you do, she began stripping the wallpaper in one of the rooms.

She noticed something rather bizarre.

As she took all of the wallpaper off, she noticed a full-on message that had been hidden for decades.

Charlotte couldn’t believe her eyes, immediately taking to Facebook to share a picture of the message.

“So decided to strip all the wallpaper layers finally in the front room, Come across this.”

Her post quickly gained momentum, raking in over 14,000 shares on the platform. Keep scrolling to see it for yourself…

And was signed by a man named Jon.

People truly couldn’t get enough of Jon’s note.

“Imagine finding this,” commented one shocked user.

That’s a piece of her home’s history right there!

Now that is an idea.

The note read: “If you ever need to wallpaper this room again, it will take eight rolls of wallpaper. I bought just six rolls at $21.00 per roll. I didn’t have enough (it really p*ssed me off).”

As per Fox News, the post eventually reached Jon’s family, who ended up contacting Charlotte. “It really made me chuckle and I’m just pleased that (Jon’s) relative contacted me and I could tell him how his note made so many people laugh,” she told the news outlet.

“I have spoken to (Jon’s relative),” Charlotte continued. “She asked him questions I had asked and he confirmed them, he also told us about features in the house that was here when we moved. She said he hates social media, and I told her social media thinks he is a legend.”

“We actually have been torn whether to wallpaper or paint,” she said. “I originally wanted to paint, but since finding the note, I would like to test Jon’s math.” For another note-related story, scroll on to find out how one mom has gone viral for a series of passive-aggressive notes written right onto her kids’ lunch bags.