Woman Goes Viral After Posting Picture of Wine Glass | 22 Words

A woman decided to share a humiliating story in which she realized that she fully exposed herself in front of her Instagram followers... Big yikes.

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A ton of people all over the world are currently addicted to TikTok.


What starts out as a download out of mere curiosity can quickly escalate into scrolling for several hours straight at 4 AM on the "for you" page.

If you know, you know.

If you're not into viral videos...


Then what do you do with your spare time?

Within a few years, it has become one of the world's best-loved apps.


While we were all stuck at home because of the pandemic, many have taken to TikTok in order to keep themselves entertained.

It's given us some pretty hilarious trends...


]From The Doja Cat Challenge to the Fake FaceTime Call, we just can't seem to get enough.

And who can forget?


The number of infectious dance routines on that app is unbelievable.

The app has also helped musicians to go viral...

The songs at the back of TikTok challenges have well and truly become hits on the charts, giving way to new and upcoming artists.

It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows, however.


Some of its viral trends, such as The Skull Breaker Challenge, have been hailed as stupid or dangerous.

And not to mention the recent controversy surrounding weight loss adverts...


The app has been in the firing lines after people noticed "intermittent fasting" and weight loss adverts coming up on their TikTok's, which many say can promote disordered eating patterns.

In fact, the entire weight loss culture on TikTok has been called into question a few months ago.


Many pointed out how toxic the environment on the app can be, especially for a young, impressionable audience.

"I hate opening Tik Tok and seeing constant videos of weight loss and being skinny shoved down my throat," wrote one user.

But in spite of the controversy, many of us have still been relying on it to cure our boredom...


It's no exaggeration that you can find yourself scrolling on that app for hours on end.

And the stories people tell have had us hooked...


And this week, one woman decided to let us into a short, yet humiliating story about her life and people have rallied around to laugh along with her mistake.


Jennifer Parish thought she was just posting an innocent photograph of her with her wine glass...

Tik Tok

Little did she know she was actually posting something very revealing... Literally.

​A girl that had seen the snapshot and messaged Parish let her know about the nude reflection.

Tik Tok

She asked, "do you care?" And to Parish's dismay, she did... A lot.

"I care so much. I literally care so much. Thank you," Parish replied.

After deleting the picture, she posted a video on Tik Tok letting her followers know about the embarrassing story.

Tik Tok

She said: "I accidentally posted a picture on Instagram of my wine glass and I was naked! 74 people saw my cooter. That's 74 people and my husband's mom too many."

But the best thing was that Parish was just laughing about it all, which was so nice to see.


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Here's the video.

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