Woman Returns from Vacation with Stray Dog Who Wouldn’t Leave Her Side

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Going on vacation is a time to relax, put your feet up, and forget about the outside world for a week or 2.

We often bring home souvenirs and gifts when returning from vacation, but a dog isn’t usually on the list of popular memorabilia.

One woman from the U.K was vacationing in Turkey when the stray dog that stuck by her side for the entire getaway stole caught her heart.

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Taking time off from the hectic life of working, paying bills, and all of that other boring stuff is essential for us to relax and wind-down.

The most popular type of vacation is a sun, sea, and sand type that consists of nothing but relaxing on a hot beach with a cocktail in hand.

Located in between eastern Europe and western Asia, Turkey is the ultimate vacation destination with its tropical temperatures and luscious beaches.

And that is its number of stray dogs.

And the majority of these dogs are desperate for love, attention, and food, with many of them attaching themselves to vacationers and displaying signs of affection.

Mainly because of Istanbul’s large tourism population, the stray dogs and cats often receive lots of food and attention from passers-by.

So it’s pretty easy to get attached…

Yasemin Baban, who has worked tirelessly for the last decade rescuing stray cats and dogs from the streets of Istanbul, spoke to CNN about these poor animals. “They cannot talk. They don’t steal. They just want food and affection.”

Baban found a partner here in the United States who set up Adopt a Golden Atlanta, which has already taken in 123 dogs from Istanbul and found them new homes. “We continue to help every golden retriever that we know about,” said AGA president, Lauren Genkinger. “It doesn’t matter if they are in Georgia, the Carolinas, New York or wherever they are. We will never let a golden retriever die in a shelter if we know about it.”  

But, thankfully, there are animal lovers all around the globe that visit these destinations.

The twenty-year-old beautician was vacationing in Bodrum, Turkey, earlier this month with a friend when a stray dog repeatedly made an appearance by their side.

In an interview, Lucy spoke of how Jessie began leaving her mark. “We were walking home along the beach and lots of stray dogs followed us up until the hotel, but Jessie followed us all the way to our room. The next morning she appeared on the beach and from then on she wouldn’t leave our side.”

“She’d walk to restaurants with us and even sit by the pool and wait until we came out. It was when people in the hotel noticed how attached she was and said they’d never seen anything like it before, that we started to think we really had to keep her,” Lucy went on to say.

But she didn’t feel as though she was ready to take on the responsibility of fully looking after a dog.

Gumbet Stray Animals is a volunteering agency for stray animals in the Bodrum area. Lucy contacted Gumbet and one of their volunteers had a chat with her in regards to adopting Jessie and homing her in the U.K.

“I messaged one of the admins and she came along to our hotel to have a chat and show me photos and success stories of other dogs which had been adopted,” Lucy said. And it turns out that the adoption process was pretty easy…

In just 3 months, Jessie will be reunited with her new mom, Lucy.

Of course, before an animal enters a foreign country, they must be cleared of any infections or diseases and receive numerous vaccinations. Luckily, Jessie was in good health and she sailed through her veterinary check-up.

“It hasn’t actually sunk in yet that she’ll be here eventually, but I’ll definitely be spoiling her as much as possible as soon as she arrives,” Lucy said excitably.

“It doesn’t feel right being back home without her because she was constantly by our side and the last few days it got harder knowing we’d have to say goodbye,” she went on to say.

“But the woman who is fostering her for a few months has been updating me with pictures. I just can’t wait to see her and give her an amazing life,” Lucy said. The opportunities that people can give to unfortunate and disadvantaged animals are truly amazing. All animals, despite their circumstances, deserve to be a part of a caring and loving family. Speaking of adopting dogs, did you know that you can adopt dogs that failed government training for being too nice? Sounds like a dream, right? Keep reading for more on that!