Woman Returns From Vacation to Find Her Pet Dog Wrapped in Masking Tape | 22 Words

Entrusting a stranger to look after your pet is hard. But what happens if that trust is broken?

Well, that's what happened to Kirsten Kinch when she left her beloved husky dog, Nova, at a local kennel while she went on vacation.

Kirsten went away for only three days and left a happy and healthy Nova at P&E Boarding Kennels. But when she returned, she was informed that her dog had died.

And if that wasn't horrific enough, the owners of the kennel had stuffed Nova into a bag and covered that bag with masking tape.

How could anyone be so cruel and heartless?

And their reason for doing this is beyond believable...


Going on vacation should be a relatively stress-free experience.

A chance to forget about the trials and tribulations of everyday life and just relax.

But if you're a pet owner, you're faced with the tough decision of who will care of your pet while you're away.

Because no one wants to think about their pet being all sad and lonely whilst their sipping Margaritas on the beach, now do they?

You would assume that a reputable kennel would be a safe place to leave your pet, wouldn't you?

You'd expect them to be kept with a trained and trusted professional who has your pet's best interest at heart.

It's better than leaving your beloved pet alone!

We've all heard the horror stories of dogs who have been stolen and re-sold, or worse still, dogs that have been tortured for fun while their owners were absent.

But, sadly, a kennel isn't always a safe place for a dog.

Even if a company seems reputable and the owners appear friendly and caring, you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

This is something that dog owner, Kirsten Kinch, found out last year.

Kirsten was going on vacation to Iceland with her family and made the decision to put her beloved husky, Nova, in a kennel while she was away - a decision that she would later come to regret.

Kirsten chose P&E Boarding Kennels to care for Nova.

It was a seemingly reputable company based in Dublin, Ireland, that Kirsten thought would keep her dog safe and happy while she was away for a mere three days.

This is Nova, Kirsten's husky.

She was a beautiful and content dog who was in good health when Kirsten left her at P&E Boarding Kennels last December. She was taking steroids for colitis, the inflammation of the colon, which can result in diarrhea, but, otherwise, she was just fine.

Taking no chances, Kirsten took Nova to the vet for a check-up prior to her vacation.

The vet informed her that Nova had been responding very well to the steroids and that she would soon be able to stop taking them. The vet also said that she was perfectly well enough to stay in a kennel.

Kirsten went on to give very clear instructions to the kennels about the care and medication that Nova would need whilst she was away.

She said: "I gave multiple written and verbal instructions on how the steroid was to be given separately to her food and that she needs to get this twice a day." P&E Boarding Kennels had advertised themselves as being able to cater for dogs that need medical care, so Kirsten felt secure in the knowledge that they would be able to look after Nova appropriately.

But, tragically, this was not the case.

When she returned from her trip to pick up Nova, Kirsten was told that the husky had been bleeding in her kennel, and had later died.

And in a sick and cruel twist to this already horrifying tale...

Nova had been stuffed into a ball, put in a bag and covered in masking tape. A 25kg husky dog!

The kennel has defended its actions.

Paddy Cullen, from P&E Boarding Kennels, said: "We went down to let out the dogs first thing but when we got there the dog was dead. I rang the vet and was told to wrap her up so as to not infect the other dogs. What other way could we do it?" Literally any other way would have been more respectful! And this isn't the first time that a dog has died under suspicious circumstances whilst under their care. Keep reading to see further shocking images that we've found.

In case there is any doubt...

This is not how a dog, or any pet, should be treated if they sadly pass away while in the care of a kennel. Not even if there is a risk of infection. Work out a better way!

Obviously, Kirsten wanted to find out how and why Nova died.

And as the kennels were not very forthcoming, she had an independent post mortem carried out. It revealed that Nova had died from internal bleeding. What caused this bleeding, she will never know.

Kirsten took to Facebook to share her story in order to warn other dog owners about these kennels.

She said: "After the shock of what had happened wore off I emailed and messaged P&E to ask for more information in the days nova had stayed there, how she had seemed etc and I still to this day never received any kind of contact back from the kennels." Of course they didn't. Those kinds of people would never admit to being at fault or to even say sorry for the hurt that they have caused.

People are understandably horrified.

Many tweets have been so graphic that they have been removed from Twitter. But who can blame people for being so outraged and upset about this harrowing tale?

It must have been awful for Kirsten.

In her original Facebook post, she said: "There are no words to describe how upsetting and traumatic it was to carry her to the car and take her home in what seemed a completely inhuman way."

Since the horrific revelation, the kennel has received death threats.

Paddy Cullen said: "Since the lady put it on Facebook, we have had nothing but hate mail and death threats and people saying they will burn down our house."

Many people have shared the horrific story in order to warn others.

We seriously hope that no one ever entrusts this kennel with their dogs ever again! In fact, they should be closed down completely. Help us to raise awareness of this shocking story by sharing this article!

Thankfully, others think the same.

A petition has been set up and is circulating online to have this disgusting "dog hotel" as they market themselves, shut down for good. Sign it here!

Because, unfortunately, even if you do your research as Kirsten did, substandard care can happen.

You just never know what goes on behind closed doors. And, sadly, there are some horrendous people out there who clearly don't have a conscience. Like Paddy Cullen! His response to another case of abuse that we've found is cold-hearted, to say the least. Read it for yourselves further down the page...

Apparently, P&E Boarding Kennels are known for trying to sell dogs on social media.

They advertise themselves as "dog re-homers" who care about what happens to the dogs in their care but, clearly, they are just trying to make a quick buck.

And now they are trying to do some quick damage control.

They're deleting all of the bad reviews that they have ever been given by previous dog-owners that have used their services.

But people have been too quick for them.

Here is one bad review that they definitely don't want the world to see.

Here's another one.

Substandard care seems to a reoccurring theme here! As well as blatant unprofessionalism.

And it's not even the first time that something like this has happened.

Another dog died while under their care and was cremated without the consent of the owner. Clearly, they were trying to cover their tracks! How have they even been allowed to keep trading?

And yet more shocking abuse.

This is just disgusting. They should have been reported for this!

It doesn't seem like Kirsten will be letting them get away with what they did to Nova.

She has recently spoken to Liveline, an Irish radio station, to tell her story and to shame the owners of P&E Boarding Kennels. And good on her for doing so!

And as if they haven't caused enough pain...

P&E Boarding Kennels are now trying to cover their tracks, saying that Nova had parvovirus and that's why she died. They also said that it's the reason why she had to be packaged up in that way. But Kirsten isn't having any of it. This is one girl who won't be backing down anytime soon and we are 100% behind her! #JusticeForNova