If you've ever had the pleasure of using a dating app, you'll know that they're basically the wild west. There's something about the safety of being behind a screen that seems to bring out the very worst in people. The slight veil of anonymity means people will speak their minds in a brutally honest fashion.

But one story of a dating app nightmare has truly shocked the internet this week. A TikToker has shared their own personal horror story about a dating app encounter that went very wrong.... but thankfully, she eventually got revenge on the guy who'd messaged her.

TikToker Emma shared screenshots of a rather aggressive interaction between her and a man on the popular dating app, Bumble. "Someone come get ur man :) linking his Facebook and LinkedIn in the comments if any of the girls wanna chance with this king. He's single! #bumble" she captioned the video.

The conversation is shown in the video's background and Emma first replied to the man who'd put out a call for a date to a wedding (with an open bar). "So when are we going to the wedding?" Emma messaged him.

The man replied, "Nah, only chicks that weigh less than me."

Emma, understandably annoyed, wrote back, "Dude ur a gem. Whoever ends up [with] you is so lucky."

He then hit back, "Thanks fam hit the gym and use the weight watchers app."

Emma then responded, "Actually I do hit the gym fam every day lmao. But thx for the advice king. Maybe get the d*** out of your a** and be nicer to people, sorry your life sucks."

Emma then took her revenge on the man. She posted his full name, screenshots of his dating app profile, plus links to his Linkedin and Facebook page - which is a bit too far, in our opinion. After others pointed out the potential moral issues of essentially doxxing the man, Emma eventually deleted the links.

Many commenters took to Emma's video to leave commenters of support. "Literally what was his reason for swiping then??? I'm so sorry some men are terrible sis u r gorgeous," wrote one. Another said, "I love this! Call them out!!!!" A third added, "I'll never understand why people match with someone to just say mean things. If they're not your cup of tea just move along." Another put it rather more bluntly, "He's just asking for a slap really isn't he?!"

Others claimed to have had similar interactions with the Bumble user. "OMG I've matched him on Bumble. Whoever is 'lucky' enough to go with him to that wedding will NEED the open bar," one claimed. Someone else added, "Byeeee he's been on Bumble for years I saw him on there like 2 years ago."What do you think of Emma's revenge?