Woman Says Her Sister Who Stole Her Baby Name Was Furious With The Name She Chose For Her Baby

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There’s a rule among new parents that states you should never tell other people your baby names. But you’d think that a sibling would be more respectful of your choices.

Sadly that’s not the case for one woman who decided to steal her sister’s baby name. Not only the first name, but middle name too…

It’s surprisingly more difficult than you’d think.

While some decide to go with a unique name they’ve never heard before.

However, this can sometimes lead to kids in the family having the same name.

In fact, it can cause some pretty big riffs in a family.

One woman started a family feud after naming her newborn the exact same name her sister had picked out for her child.

But everyone supports her choice…

Which sounds unforgivable, but many think it was her sister that was in the wrong…

Both their children now have the same first, middle, and last names.

And it gets worse…

Both of the names were very meaningful to her.

And the middle name represented an important time in her life.

She agreed she liked the name, but nothing was said about it after that.

And revealed she had used the exact same names for her daughter.

But “wasn’t going to let it stop me from using the name”.

Since both she and her sister have the same last names,  the two girls have the same first, middle, and last names.

“I told her I wasn’t going to change the name I had wanted for a long time, that had a deep meaning for me, just because she decided to use it after I told her the name.” “She said as the first one to have a baby she got dibs. I told her to get over it and it was a name anyone could use.”

And they supported her for sticking to the name she originally wanted.

One commented on Reddit: “She’s the a**hole on this. In fact she’s a double the a**hole, once for using the name you told her, twice for giving you s*** and saying she named first so she had dibs.”

A second said: “You chose it first and she knew that. If she didn’t want it to be weird and she knew that’s the name you would go with, she shouldn’t have used it.”

Another added: “Who the hell calls ‘dibs’ on a name they stole from someone else??”

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