Woman Says Landlord Removed Her Front Door Over Late Rent After She Lost Her Job Amid Pandemic

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A woman who was behind on her rent due to losing her job amid the pandemic recently claims she had her front door removed by her angry landlord.

The move has left the internet utterly shocked…

We’ve all had landlord issues in the past.

Whether it’s about paying rent late or dealing with maintenance issues, landlords can sometimes be hard work.

There is a handful who just couldn’t care less about the wellbeing of their tenants.

Is getting their monthly rent payments on time!

Because more than often, this results in a very miserable living situation for the tenants.

And one unfortunate woman has recently been left mortified over her landlord’s actions after she lost her job and couldn’t afford her full month’s rent.

She worked as a waitress and because of multiple restaurant closures, the single mom’s job was terminated.

Hannah has lived in her apartment for 3 years, with her mom living in the apartment next door, and she has never had any issues with her landlord.

And things got so bad, she was even struggling to feed her 4-year-old daughter.

Because Hannah’s landlord did something very drastic over her being behind by $1,000 on her rent… and people just can’t believe it.

Yep, you read that correctly… completely removed from its hinges.

And it really didn’t help that the weather was starting to get horribly cold – which is a safety hazard for her young daughter.

And she has propped the broken door back up against its hinges to try and keep some warmth inside – but it isn’t working too well. “At night it gets definitely really cold, it’s kind of unbearable without it [the door],” she said.

But he’s been having none of it. Thankfully for Hannah, however, she has a great support group, and one of her close friends set up a GoFundMe page to try and fund a new door.

And amazingly so, a buyer of the property demanded the landlord to put the door back on. Hannah was also able to catch up on her rent payments thanks to the GoFundMe, as well as buy a new car.

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