Woman Says She’s Still Single Because Men are Too Threatened to Date Her

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A woman has claimed that she’s still single because men are “too threatened” to date her.

Australian news columnist and relationship advice expert, Jana Hocking, recently revealed that she believes men don’t want to date her because they don’t value women who are career-driven and successful. The thirty-six-year-old went into more detail about her thoughts during a piece for news.com.au, stating that she didn’t quite understand why she and a bunch of her friends were still single, despite being pretty active on the dating scene.

But after reading an interview with another successful woman, she realized what the reasons could be.

She said this: “You see, I’ve been on two different types of dates. There’s the guy who wants to tell you all about his career, and proudly talk about the crazy stress and responsibility that comes with it.

“Then there is the guy who likes his job but is more excited about the footy on Friday night, and is ready to settle down with a nice lady and set up a home with kids and a white picket fence.”

“Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with these guys, the thing is though, find yourself on a date with either one, and often you will see their eyes glaze over as you start telling them about your job, including your ambitions and goals.”

“It would appear, from the outside, that many find it emasculating for a woman to kick ass in their career. Heaven forbid if she makes more money than them.”

Hocking did as though, that there are men out there that want to be with a woman who is extremely successful in her career but that they’re very rare to come across.

“My question is… why?!” she asks. “Is it a caveman thing, deep ingrained in our psyche that man is big tough hunter and woman stays home and looks after the cave? Are they worried that we are encroaching on their masculine energy? Do we come across as bossy or outspoken?

“Umm… have they not been following along with the #MeToo movement? Turns out we are quite capable of looking after ourselves.”

The thirty-six-year-old then concluded that her time was precious, just like everyone else’s so men that don’t like career-driven women should not “swipe right” on her. It’s a viable reason, I guess.

Hocking has written about relationship advice many times before, including a piece that outlines why men should pay for the first date saying: “You know straight away if the guy goes Dutch then he is more than likely not very interested in the date going further.

“Let’s end this debate once and for all and just say, blokes pay for the first date! It’s hot, it’s manly, and will have us bragging to our friends.”