Woman Shoots at Burger King Employees Over Wait Time | 22 Words

Shocking footage has shown the moment a disgruntled customer shot at a Burger King employee through the drive-thru window.

Here's the full story...

Now, are you still convinced that the U.S doesn't have an issue with gun violence?


Well, think again.

Just weeks after devastating mass shootings took place in Atlanta and Colorado, there has been yet another instance of gun violence.


A Burger King branch in Memphis, Tennessee, came under fire on April 2nd after a disgruntled customer lost her patience in the drive-thru queue.

According to the Memphis Police Department, the unidentified woman had been waiting in a car in the lengthy drive-thru queue...


Before exiting the vehicle and walking up to the window to argue with staff members.

According to reports, the woman had become irritated by the length of her wait in the queue...


Though, at this moment, it remains unclear exactly how long she had been waiting for.

​Memphis Police Department has since released surveillance footage of the incident in an attempt to identify the perpetrator...


And, it's needless to say, people are utterly horrified.

The department first released this image:


The unnamed woman can be seen leaning through the drive-thru window, wearing a blue and red jacket and armed with a handgun.

At one point, she looks directly into the lense of the surveillance system...


Giving the world a good look at her face.

There was also footage of the car she escaped in.


Writing on Facebook, the department explained:

"Upon arriving on the scene, officers were advised that a female customer got angry regarding the wait time to be served at the drive-thru window. The female got out of the front passenger seat of a mid-sized, four-door, gray sedan and approached the drive-thru window. A verbal altercation ensued between the female patron and the workers."

"Video surveillance shows the suspect retrieve a black handgun from the vehicle, extend her upper body through the drive-thru window, and fire several shots at the Burger King workers."


"The workers fled from the gunfire through the rear door of the business and were unharmed. The suspect was accompanied by a male who was the driver of the gray sedan."

"No arrests have been made at this point."


The department then explained that a $1,000 reward from Crime Stoppers of Memphis and Shelby County, Inc. is available for anyone who can provide information on the suspect.

You can see their full post below.

Anyone with information on the identity of the suspect has been advised to call Crime Stoppers at 528-CASH - there, a secret ID number will be provided so that anonymity can be given.

Tips can also be submitted anonymously over at http://www.crimestopmem.org.