The U.K.'s daytime television show, This Morning is often a hothouse of controversy.

Throughout the week, the shows presenters, platinum blonde Holly Willoughby and inoffensive Phillip Schofield welcome on guests to discuss, well just about anything.

Last week they had on a 9-year-old girl who believed she was a bell tower.

But whatever wacky, controversial, or downright weird guest they have on the couch, you can be sure that Holly and Phillip will get to the bottom of their claims.

With probing questions and condescending stares the This Morning hosts remind the British public that there is strange folk out there wanting to disrupt the status quo.

Yesterday saw the turn of Rebecca Reid, who actually didn't seem like a nutjob.

Reid is a senior editor for Grazia Magazine and had reasonable grounds for her opinion.

Not that this stopped This Morning painting her as a total "fun sponge."- Their words, not mine.

Here's what happened...

Why not just let it go?

What's the big deal in hanging mistletoe anyway? It's not like Christmas is going to be ruined if there isn't a sprig of a winter plant adorning the office door? People ought to feel comfortable when they come to work and not have to worry about walking through the door at the same time as smelly breath Len.

Office relationships are messy.

Remember when Alan Rickman almost made the worst mistake of his life by planning to kiss his young assistant under the mistletoe, instead of sitting at home and listening to Joni Mitchell with his loving wife, Emma Thompson? If mistletoe had been banned, things might have been a lot less complicated.

Rebecca Reid was looking forward to appearing on the breakfast show.

She alerted her Twitter followers that she would be on the show to discuss whether mistletoe should be banned at office Christmas parties.

"Women should stand up for themselves."

Instead of getting rid of the mistletoe, or removing the custom that allows colleagues to plant an uninvited kiss, many viewers thought Rebecca should just work out how to get out of the situation. Great advice, Kevin.

We all know what mistletoe represents...

If you stand under the mistletoe with somebody, you are expected to kiss.

This Morning made out Rebecca wanted to ban all mistletoe.

via: ITV

This wasn't the case at all, but naturally wanting to enrage the British public and make Rebecca look like a total loony, losing the "office party" angle was an effective spin.

The threat of mistletoe getting banned enraged the public.

Rebecca Reid was successfully vilified as a Christmas hating, tradition bashing, snowflake.

The point she was trying to make is perfectly valid...

Reid argues the point that, in the office environment, mistletoe is inappropriate. Feeling obliged to kiss a fellow employee, or worse and employer, simply because it's Christmas, doesn't seem right.

There were some people who understood Rebecca's point.

Maybe some people don't want to live in a world were people feel they can make sexual advances simply by waving a Christmas decoration in your face.

Whilst some people understand the anti-mistletoe argument...

The vast majority of people saw Rebecca's claims as political correctness gone mad and felt that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of mistletoe hanging above the water dispenser.

The show had Rebecca argue against "etiquette expert" Liz.

via: ITV

After Rebecca explained that mistletoe gives the office lech a chance to grab a kiss, Liz argued that she mustn't be going to the "right Christmas parties." Funnily enough, Liz, you don't get to choose which office party they go to, you go to the one hosted by your office.

Surprise, surprise, mistletoe doesn't change the rules.

For years people have used mistletoe as though it was some kind of trump card that had the power to dissolve rules of appropriate behavior. Naturally, it's a good idea to remove something from offices that provides this kind of allowance.

Rebecca's comments stirred up anger across the U.K.

Anger which was, of course, directed at her.

Fortunately, Reid took it all in her stride.

Aware that her opinion had been twisted by the show, Rebecca took to Twitter to laugh about the situation.

Friends of Rebecca clearly thought it was funny too.

The assertion<em>This Morning</em> made, that Rebecca Reid is a total party-pooper clearly tickled her friends and co-workers.

"I am fun, I swear..."

"I just don't want people to use mistletoe as an excuse to make unwelcomed sexual advances at office Christmas parties."

Frankly, there's only one kind of mistletoe I care about...

And that's the mistletoe of the musical variety, performed by the one and only, Justin Beibz.

Twitter gave Rebecca a chance to stand up for herself.

Unlike most of the guests on <em>This Morning</em> as a journalist and confident social media user, Rebecca was able to explain herself and her opinion post-appearance.

So no more office party mistletoe?

I doubt Rebecca's appearance on <em>This Morning</em> has done much to ban mistletoe from offices. I imagine the decision as to whether or not to hang mistletoe is down to the discretion of whoever decorates the particular office. That being said, Rebecca did open an interesting conversation.

Imagine the controversy if a ban was actually imposed...

I expect there would be plenty of angry office creepers. Continue scrolling to read all about The Office reboot that's coming in 2021.