One woman has slammed a delivery man after he sent her some eyebrow-raising messages, and the internet has had a lot to say...

There are many frustrating things in life, but there's one thing that's pretty high up on the list...

...Unwanted attention.

Things like wolf-whistling, for instance.

Or catcalling.

Just stop.

It's creepy, let's be honest.

But, you know what else is pretty creepy?

Getting some weird messages from a delivery man during a text exchange.

Well, one woman knows this feeling all too well.

When Tracey Binnie received a text from a delivery man, it soon got pretty uncomfortable.

She initially received a text from an unknown number...

And it all seemed to be somewhat fine, with the stranger asking when they could deliver a hot tub...

The stranger then followed his message by explaining the text was for someone else.

Writing, "Sorry sent a message to u by mistake u certainly ain't a Ben definitely not lol x."

Tracey made light of the strange situation by suggesting that he could still "bring the hot tub round if he wanted."

At that point, you would probably expect the conversation to end.

But it doesn't. Now, this is where it starts to get strange.

Tracey branded the messages that followed as "creepy," and it seems many others also agreed.

Others, however, had a very different take on the situation...

So, what exactly was said?

Well, buckle up...

The delivery man responded to Tracey saying:

"Haha with what I can see by ure pic I'm expecting you will be getting in with me haha x."

It didn't end there, though...

He then followed up with, "Haha trying to say you look gorgeous haha hope u don't mind the compliment haha xx."

Tracey responded to the message saying "that's creepy af."

To which she received an apology from the stranger that read, "sorry lol x" followed by "U r good looking tho x."

Tracey took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the exchange.

She wrote, "Someone sent me a text in error asking if he could bring the hot tub round, then apologized for the mistake. I made a joke and then I got creeped on. This is not okay."

You can see the messages here:

What do you think?

How would you react if you received a message like that?

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