Woman Sparks Debate After Telling Friends She Only Showers 3 Times a Week

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A woman has sparked a huge debate after she revealed to her friends that she only showers 3 times per week.

The woman took to Mumsnet to ask “how often should I shower?” after learning that even her friends “with kids shower daily.”

And it has sparked a whole range of opinions online…

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In her post on Mumsnet, the mom explained that she was having having a few drinks with friends, all of whom were female and a mix of parents and non-parents, when the topic came up.

“One friend mentions she is struggling to find time for a shower every day since she had her baby,” the woman wrote, adding that she responded saying: “Well I don’t shower every day without a young baby.”

The woman said that all of her friends looked at her “in horror” as “apparently even the ones with kids shower daily.”

Adding a disclosure that she has “two dd one under five and I work part time,” the woman explained: “I shower on work days plus one extra day so usually three times a week my days off usually consist of playing at home, walking dog, school run and maybe park. I would shower extra if exercising/having s*x/on period etc.”

She finished her post by writing: “I bath my dc three times a week. My oh works out every week day so he does shower more than me.”

What do you think? Should she shower more frequently?