A woman has sparked a huge debate online after she used gas pumps as an example of casual sexism.

Melanie Morgan, from the U.K, took to social media with her example of casual sexism after she snapped a picture of herself struggling to grasp a petrol pump to prove her point to her partner.

Morgan took a picture of herself holding the gas pump while filling up her Ford Tourneo Independence to prove to her partner, Jared Griffiths, that it was a strain on her small hands.

She then shared the pictures on social media where she claimed that gas pumps are designed specifically with men in mind.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, the mom-of-2 explained: "I'd come back to the van having got out and filled up and when I got back in I was flexing my hand, like when you've been writing a lot, and I was like 'ooh actually that quite hurts'."

"I said this to my partner and he kind of laughed it off and I said 'no really it hurts, you have to grip it really hard when you've got smaller hands.' It's ridiculous that that's something I have to think about, I took the pictures to prove to my partner that I had a point."

When she was younger, Morgan thought it was difficult because she was new to doing it, but now as an adult, she's realized that most people don't "find filling up the car painful."

"'I have fairly small hands. I'm short, I'm 5ft 3, so I'm fairly small generally but I imagine there aren't many men who have the same size hands like me," she said. "When I was younger I remember thinking 'ooh this is difficult' but then it's also something you're new to doing. But as an adult now who does it regularly it suddenly occurred to me one day that I don't think most people find filling up the car painful, most people don't have to think 'this doesn't work'.

"I'd assume there's some kind of reason that it needs to be the broadness it is around that point and you have to pull it in tight, of course, but I think it's a classic overlooked issue," she continued. "No-one's going to complain about it and those who tend to design things like that I assume are typically male engineers."


Since posting about the issue online, it's sparked a huge debate with many people arguing that it's not a "real problem."

"No, everyone's hands are different sizes. She just happens to have tiny hands. Use the stop guard on the inside of the handle then you won't have any trouble. See, problem solved!" one person wrote on Facebook.

"Well, young lady, life hurts! Get a good grip on it! If you want to drive learn to use the pump!" said another.

"I'm a sixty-year-old woman, 4ft 11 inches tall, I have very small hands, I've been driving and filling my own car up since I was eighteen. If her hands are hurting that much go see a doctor you might have something wrong with you," said a third.

"Go to full-service stations if you're so concerned. My god people will complain about literally anything," one person even suggested.

Well, since noticing the issue himself, Morgan's partner has started to put the gas in the van so that she doesn't "have to deal with it" and instead, she fills up her smart car once per week as she finds it easier. In the future, she's planning to buy an electric car so that she can avoid using a gas pump.

"For me, it's not a huge issue, it's not something I can't do, but I should imagine for some people it is something they cannot do - if you are weaker or smaller than me," she said.

"No-one particularly likes going to fill the car up, I think that's the future of electric vehicles. In the next 5- ten years I'm considering getting an electric car - once I get one it won't be a problem at all. We live in London, so the more we can do to reduce emissions the better."

Is it a problem you've ever experienced?