Woman Decides To Stop Doing All the Chores for Her Family and Documents the Results

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Chores: it’s a struggle that most moms are familiar with.

Sometimes it feels like if you don’t do the housework, it won’t ever get done. So when one mom recently felt that way, she decided to stop doing all the chores for her family…

And of course, she’s documented the results for the internet.

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There’s a reason the “baby bug” bites many of us — and that’s because children are truly a gift.

Being a parent comes with many challenges.

Anyone who has kids knows that some of the greatest hurdles parents face are mundane tasks like dishes, laundry, and toilet-scrubbing. With little people running around the house, chores get even more time-consuming.

And one of the most frustrating about completing household tasks?

When no one helps.

One woman recently decided that she’d had enough of doing everything for her family.

So, she stopped doing the cleaning…

And after sharing her results online, people found it hilarious…

Twitter user @MissPotkin revealed that she’s had enough of cleaning for her entire family and so she was going to stop.

In the first of her incredibly popular Twitter thread, she wrote: “Two days ago, I decided to stop doing the dishes. I make all the dinners and I am tired of having to do all the cleaning too. SINCE THEN this pile has appeared and at some point they are going to run out of spoons and cups and plates. Who will blink first? Not me.”

She then kept us up to date in a series of follow-up tweets.

By day 3, the family had “used the last of the big bowls” and “run out of spoons.”

The same day they progressed and a member of the family emptied the bin.

But the progress didn’t last long…

As shortly afterward they “resorted to making tea with the baby’s weaning spoon and it using the emergency cup.”

Desperate times, desperate measures.

The Twitter user also stopped doing any laundry.

She wrote: “Let me know when you want to talk about the fact that I stopped doing the laundry too. It’s getting a bit post apocalyptic. The piles are everywhere.”

She then reported on the toilet roll situation.

“The last of the loo roll in the downstairs loo was used at 7:04pm last night. It hasn’t been replaced. The downstairs loo is now out of action for anyone that remembers. For anyone that doesn’t…god help them.”

A tense moment arose when someone went into the downstairs toilet…

But she soon cleared up, it was just to wash their hands.

Eventually, it did start to get better…

In a joyous moment, her husband started to clear the plates and even load them into the dishwasher- without turning it on we might add.

Toilet roll appeared in the downstair bathroom again.

And not just one roll.

And so after 3, long and messy days, she finally got her message across.

Well, that’s one way of doing it.
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