A woman had taken extreme measures against a popular NYC pet store after she claimed they wouldn't let her take her pricey poodle home...

The designer dog industry is a force to be reckoned with.

The rise and demand for certain dog breeds has created a whole world of breeders raking in the big bucks selling these pricey pooches.

It's become something of a craze.

Just like the latest fashion or beauty trend, certain dog breeds come in and out of fashion.

Think about all the popular dog breeds you see on Instagram...

The likelihood is your picturing Pugs, Cockerpoos, French Bulldogs, Labradoodles, right?

The A-list celebrities have been buying these designer dogs in bucket loads.

And so, the general public have followed suit.

Wanting one of these dogs can set you back a fair amount...

Not to mention the controversy that surrounds the industry, that has birthed campaigns such as the well-known slogan "adopt don't shop."

But this week, a furious woman has unleashed a lawsuit against a pet store she claims wouldn’t give her the pricey poodle she purchased.

Maria Casale-Hardin forked out an eye-watering $3,375 on Aug. 22 for Coco, a fluffy, curly-coated standard poodle.

But, Coco pictured below, contracted kennel cough, a highly contagious canine cold, sometime after Maria paid for the pup.

via: CitiPups NYC

CitiPups NYC on Christopher Street wouldn’t let the dog be spayed while it was ill - and wouldn't let Maria take the pooch home, either.

Kennel cough can take up to 2 weeks to resolve.

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And Maria proceeded to visit the pup nearly every day while she was recovering.

Maria claims to have developed a close bond during near-daily visits since her purchase.

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During these visits, Maria says she would bring toys, grooming supplies, treats, and even friends to meet her new pet.

Coco was supposed to be spayed on Aug. 24 and go home with her 2 days later.

Maria claims the store gave conflicting information about Coco’s condition and failed to give her updates.

She wanted Coco home with her while the dog recovered...

And was even willing to get the pup spayed on her own.

So, she filed a lawsuit against the store.

There’s “no reason why [CitiPups] cannot let Coco come home … while Coco awaits surgery," she wrote in legal papers.

The lawsuit was seeking hefty compensation too...

$50,000, to be exact.

A lawyer for international firm Skadden Arps, sued the store on Sept. 3.

Claiming the West Village store was trying to “inflict as much pain as possible" by purloining the pooch, according to court papers, as per The New York Post. 

But a store employee begged Maria to stop as they tried to make Coco better, according to an email filed as part of the case.

“The meds just need to do their job and the cold will go away," the worker wrote. “You are also visiting your puppy multiple times a day, not giving your puppy the adequate time to be able to relax and resolve from this."

The worker claimed the treats Maria was bringing were making the dog sick.

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Adding, “Please just let us do our job which we are doing well."

The shop insisted it couldn’t let the puppy leave while sick.

“Our veterinarian would not sign off on the puppy going home with a cough," store manager David Barton said in a statement.

He continued...

“After explaining this to her, she demanded if she couldn’t take Coco home, she would sue us. We were simply looking after Coco’s best interest."

Maria dropped the lawsuit last week, however.

According to The New York Post, she wouldn’t comment on the resolution.

Once Coco got well, Maria was able to take the pup home.

“We were all friends again," David noted. For more pet news, scroll on to read about the bookstore full of kittens looking for their forever home...