Anastasiya Berthier is a Russian Instagram model with big dreams to be a mom, but there's one major obstacle standing in her way: Her body.

That's right, the twenty-six-year-old from Moscow really wants to have a baby but doesn't want to "ruin her body" so she's decided to get a surrogate to help fulfill her wishes. After signing up to an agency based in Kazakhstan, she is now looking for a sperm donor and even open to ask some of her fans if they'd be willing to be potential candidates.

Anastasiya works out regularly and her 34K breasts are important to her, so hiring a surrogate is her best option. Speaking to The Mirror, she said: "I work hard to keep my body in shape and if I carry a baby myself it'll probably be impossible to get my body back. You can see a lot of examples of curvy models who never returned to work after having babies and I don't want that."

She continued, explaining how she would allow one of her 1.1 million Instagram followers to help her out if they wanted to.

"I know most of these guys very well, I speak to them all day long, so why not? If he is smart, good-looking, and kind, then he can contribute to being part of my family. I wouldn't ask for any financial help from him. Any man would be lucky to be the father of my child."

Anastasiya's not particularly looking for a romantic connection with the potential father, instead, she just wants their donation and that's all.

"I'm not desperate for a boyfriend, however, I'm open to meeting someone if he's Mr. Right. Actress Amber Heard just had a baby by surrogate, it's not as unusual as it was. I don't see why I should have to wait to meet a man just to have a baby."

The model also added that her friends and family are supportive of her decision as she is financially stable and it will eventually make her happy.

"I've spoken to my mom and friends about it and although they were shocked at first, after I explained my reasons, she said she understood and supported me. If you want to be happy and healthy you have to have thick skin. Whatever you do, people will talk. Just be yourself."

"I'm going to make a wonderful mum and I don't need a man to fulfill my dreams," she added.

What do you think? Is she making a good decision? Either way, we wish Anastasiya luck on her journey to being a mom.