Woman Says She Was Raised To Take Care of Her Husband | 22 Words

One woman has gone viral for her tirade against gender inequality...

As you will all be aware...

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More often than not, chores are sadly left to the woman of the household.

Now, there's no denying that society's expectations of women have indeed been changing.

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Over the last half-century, across the developed world, more and more women have gone to work, the gender pay gap has been steadily narrowing, and fathers have spent more time with their children.

However, gender equality for women still lags in one other realm:

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Their own homes.

Sadly, women are often haunted by the 1950s housewife stereotype...

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And are therefore given the bulk of household responsibilities.

It is a real issue in today's society.

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Studies have found that married American mothers spend almost twice as much time on housework and child care than married fathers do.

And, overall in the U.S., women clean more than men do.

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American men did an average of fifteen minutes of housework each day, while women did forty-five, the American Time Use Study found.

The study also found that most men - seventy-seven percent - did no housework on any given day at all...

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While most women - fifty-five percent - did at least some.

And although things are getting better ...

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There's still a long way to go.

One woman has offered her view this week.

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And the internet is not happy about it.

She took to Twitter to claim she believes she should be taking care of her husband.

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But people were quick to clap back.

Here's the Tweet that got everybody talking ...

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