People Are Furious Over Woman Who Tattooed Her Cat | 22 Words

A Ukrainian model has caused complete and utter outrage after she tattooed her Sphynx cat to make it look more "glamorous."

Read on for this full, and very shocking, story...

Disclaimer: This article contains images that some readers may find upsetting.

Animal abuse has been way too common of an occurrence for decades now...


And, though awareness of the issue is greater than ever, innocent animals continue to suffer.

Both domestic and wild animals find themselves in danger at the hands of us humans...


And it is an utterly devastating reality that so many animals will live a life filled with nothing but fear and pain.

Animal activists have worked tirelessly to try and put a stop to animal abuse...

And now, more than ever before, people are trying to combat those who inflict this unnecessary pain.

But more than often...


Animal abuse actually happens behind closed doors by seemingly responsible pet owners.

And this brings us to today's shocking story.


Ukrainian Instagram model Elena Ivanickaya has caused a storm on social media recently after tattooing her Sphynx cat, Yasha, to make it look "glamorous"... and believe me when I say this, people aren't happy.

It was back in 2017 when Elena decided to tattoo Yasha's chest.


According to the model, the poor, unsuspecting cat was placed under anesthetic as the tattoo artist got to work on his chest - tattooing a design of the Egyptian god, Anubis.

When Elena posted pictures of Yasha's new ink on Instagram, which is now private, she was met with floods of criticism and abuse.


But when she responded to the negative reactions, Elena insisted that Yasha actually has had a better life than most people, according to UniLad.

She said Yasha was not harmed in any part of the process and lives a life of luxury, regularly dining on oysters.

"The cat's life is better than yours. Maybe it is hell for you, but he feels just fine."

She then added:


"He has not been castrated and he never will be, this would be real cruelty. I checked with the vet before getting him a tattoo and they were fine with it and a vet was present while they were doing the tattoo, so everything was under control. The cat is treated with love and care."

Of the tattoo, she said it was on the upper layer of the animal's skin and he did not feel any pain as the needle was only 1-2 millimeters in depth.​


After the "procedure," the animal reportedly behaved normally and continued with his "routine," she said.

At the time, police said they would investigate the model for animal cruelty. Police spokesperson Natalia Chovpylo said, "If we establish that the animal was tortured, we will open a criminal case."

We can assume that a criminal case was not opened, as the model is still the proud owner of the cat...


And even though she has made the majority of her social media accounts private, it's clear that she continues to believe she hasn't done anything wrong at all by tattooing Yasha.

Do you think Elena was okay to tattoo her cat?


Or do you think she deserves to be convicted and banned from keeping animals for what she did?

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