In today's world, it can seem that the internet does more harm than good. Twitter can be a dark place, filled with fighting and trolls. Which is why, when something good comes from it, it's all the more exciting.

One such story came to our attention this weekend, as @_themayan_ shared a truly amazing (and heartwarming) story. Trapped in an emergency situation in Sierra Lione, her mother was forced to rely on the kindness of strangers in order to save her daughter's life. A total stranger stepped in to help fly the 5-year-old back to the USA.

10 years later, the girl tells her story to a shocked Twitter. And what happened next will melt your heart.

This is Maya.

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Pictured aged around 5, when this story went down, fifteen years ago.

She shared her amazing story on Twitter.

Her Twitter thread quickly garnered attention.

Let us set the scene for you.

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It all started with Maya and her mother planning a return to Sierra Leone, her mother's home country.

But the trip took a turn.

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Maya suffered a medical emergency and needed to return to the States. Her mother was unable to travel with her, and was desperately searching the airport for anyone who chould help.

Maya recalls her intense upset during the panic.


She describes herself as a "screaming, crying baby." Her and her mother eventually approached a man who agreed to take Maya back to the USA to relatives in Maryland.

The mystery of this man's identity has stayed with Maya.

She eventually asked her mother for help in finding the kindly stranger who saved her life. And you'll have no idea who it was.

No, not Obama. But it was a man who worked in the Obama administration.

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His identity was revealed to be Tom Periello, a democratic politician.

Here he is with Obama in 2019.

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Former Virgina congressman Periello also directs the Open Society Foundation.

He'd taken care of Maya and delivered her to her grandmother.

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After Maya reached out, he confirmed his identity and even filled in details of the trip she had completely forgotten.

He was as blown away as Maya to be found.

Periello's totally altruistic deed  probably saved Maya's life.

Maya reached out to share her gratitude.

The two strangers had shared an unbelievable life experience.

Understandably, Twitter was blown away by this incredible story.

Well wishes and kind words poured out all across the social media platform.

People were quick to point out how generous Periello must be.

The fact that this deed was done with no desire for publicity speaks volumes to Periello's character.

Maya is now 20 years old.

She's thriving, but has never forgotten the debt she owes to this stranger.

This story really got us in the feels.

We're so happy that these two managed to find each other again, after all this time.

Especially when the vast majority of political Twitter news is something like this.

Hardly as extraordinary and heartwarming as Periello's story.

Let's celebrate these heroes of politics.

Geneoristy, kindness and care for others really does go a long way. And elsewhere on Twitter, people are reaching out to find long lost friends.

One girl asked for help locating a friend.

The pair had met on a cruise but immediately lost touch with each other.

Twitter spread the word.

The long-lost buddy was found and the two friend reconnected. Alongside these amazing tales, there have been some funny "meetings," too.

One Twitter user presented a hilariously photoshopped image.

In it, she claimed to have met Michael B Jordan while on holiday, but lost touch soon after.

Unbelievably, her plan worked!

Highly amused by her efforts, the photoshopper got to meet Jordan for the "second" time!

Suddenly, all of Twitter was in on the action.

People were using Photoshop to help them "find" all manner of celebrities.

Including my personal favorite.

This Disney-esque picture with Harry Styles of One Direction fame.

We're totally here for this trend.

Not only is it hilarious, but it helps make the internet into more of a force for good.

But let's not forget the emotional stories.

While using Twitter to meet celebrities is fun, we're even more thrilled when people make genuine emotional connections.

The internet is making the world a smaller place.

And the fact that it can bring people together who would otherwise have never been able to find one another is a truly magical thing.

In a world where bad news seems to be the norm, it's great to see love spread.

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Sure, there are drawbacks to social media. But stories like this remind us that it's all really worthwhile.

Reaching out can make the world a better place.

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If you have a similar story, why not try to find your long-lost connection online?

And let's all just try our best to ignore this guy.

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Make Twitter great again!

And let's not forget about our original pairing.

Someone give these two a TV show already!