Young Woman Who Turned Gray by Age 25 Has Never Felt More Confident

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A young woman who had gray hair at twenty-five years old has shared why she’s “never felt more confident” after deciding to ditch the hair dye.

Sophie McGrath, now twenty-seven, began finding gray hairs when she was just a teen.

Back in 2007 and aged thirteen, she spotted her first gray hair but, not thinking much of it, she simply pulled it out using tweezers.

But little did she know that was the start of her hair turning gray…

Speaking with the Daily Mail Australia, Sophie explained that she “continued to pull the grays out as more appeared over the next couple of years,” until she reached around fifteen and began dyeing her hair.

She began dyeing her hair and experimenting with different colors almost every month for 10 years as it “never occurred to me that I could leave my natural color.”

“Dyeing my hair turned into something I constantly thought about; I realized that feeling like I had to cover my silvers was causing me more stress than the gray hair itself!” she said.

Eventually, after a decade of coloring her hair, aged twenty-five, Sophie decided to embrace her natural gray color, leaving her feeling more confident than ever.

“I have never felt more confident about how I look than I do now with my gray hair proudly showing,” she said.

Although she now feels better for ditching the dye, it was a big decision to make at the time as she was just a year away from getting married.

Sophie was worried about how her hair might look in her wedding photos. She explained: “I won’t pretend I wasn’t concerned about how my hair would look in the photos, so I opted to have my dyed hair lightened to help with the grow-out.”

Before her wedding, back in 2019, Sophie decided to use a dark gray tint on her dyed ends after seeing a woman on Instagram in her thirties embracing her silver hair.

“It was like a lightbulb moment! I started following the ’embrace the gray’ and ‘silver sisters’ hashtags on Instagram, which were filled with people of all ages embracing their natural silvers,” she said.

“I realized that just like other people embracing their gray hair, I wasn’t ashamed of my silvers.”

Sophie’s hair is now completely natural which has not only made her more confident, it also made her hair healthier, softer and shinier.

She still doesn’t know what caused her gray hair to come through at such a young age, she does think it could be a “combination of genes” from her parents, who both had “a significant amount of gray by their early forties.”

“Both my parents had a significant amount of gray by their early forties, but no one else had nearly as much gray early on as I do,” she explained.

“Perhaps that combination of genes meant that I was destined to go gray so young! My mom also ditched the dye in her mid-forties so I did see her embrace her silvers relatively early on.”

But, regardless of why she turned gray so young, it has actually helped Sophie as it has given her confidence.

“Stepping outside of the mould in that way has given me the confidence to do the same in other areas of my life, and I’m so happy that I took that first step,” she said.

“I’ve had so many conversations with people in their twenties who also have gray hairs but feel as though they have to cover them up in order to not be seen as ‘old’ or letting themselves go.

“Turning gray early is far more common than most people realize, and would become apparent if more people ditched the dye.”