Woman Turns AirPods Into Earrings so She Doesn't Lose Them | 22 Words

A pioneering designer has sent Twitter users into a frenzy with her latest creation; 'Airlings'. A combination of earrings and AirPods, this unique invention is both functional and fabulous.

No more worries about losing your beloved AirPods or feelings that they just make you look a bit of a muppet. You can now enjoy all the benefits of your wireless headphones and look good. Why weren't these beauties invented sooner?

The brains behind them was Gabrielle Reilly, 22, who had no idea that when she shared her new innovation that the world would go crazy for them.

Clocking up 200,000 likes and over 1,500 comments, let's take a look and see what people had to say.

Apple revealed its wireless headphones in September 2016.

The AirPods received mixed reviews but still sold out pretty damn quick.

Some people loved them.

Look at me. I am super cool and rich. Look at my megawatt smug smile. Envy me. Envy me.

Especially gym bunnies.

Lovers of working out enjoyed the AirPod features of being able to connect to all their Apple devices instantly and the long battery life.

Some users even claimed they gave you superpowers.

Simply by wearing the AirPods you will be transformed into a massively successful and most importantly rich member of society. Form a queue here please.

The official motto of the AirPods owner.

"I don't speak broke." Loving it. Loving the arrogance and the swag. Teeniest bit jealous though.

But some found them too expensive.

The $159 price tag was too much for some Apple fans. Although we'd happily sell a kidney to get hold of these bad boys.

Even doctors can't afford them.

Come on docs you're living in the dark ages. You could get our heartbeats streamed instantly with AirPods.

Some were worried they would lose them.

We just don't understand how these nifty little devices stay put in your ears? Losing an earring is one thing, but losing an expensive AirPod is another matter entirely.

Because how could they possibly fall out?

I mean, if you shake your head hard enough even your brains would probably fall out! But we get it, this was a genuine concern at the time.

A little feminine looking perhaps?

Other sceptics were more worried about how they looked on the user. Does your average dude really want to look like he is wearing pearls from behind? Probably not.

A cheaper alternative.

Can't afford the real thing? Why not try your hand at making a DIY version. All you need are some Q tips and a bit of imagination.

And the latest design; Airings!

Embracing the smart jewellery trend, this clever designer made a pair of earrings using AirPods. This video has been retweeted 47,000 times and has so far received over 1,500 comments and 200,000 likes.

Meet Gabrielle Reilly, 22, the genius behind these must-have accessories.

Gabrielle Reilly, also known as deadanimemon, is non-binary and prefers to be referred to as 'they' rather than 'he' or 'she'. They came up with the concept as they didn't want to risk losing their AirPods and their cat kept chewing through their Beats.

Let's take a closer look at the designs.

Fairly simple so would probably appeal to the masses. And also a cross option for those with faith. If we could make a suggestion, an injection of colour would brighten these babies right up. Maybe even a heart design in time for Valentine's?

That is some seriously smart thinking.

Twitter users are loving this new innovative product and are quick to praise Gabrielle.

They want a pair and they want them now.

Gabrielle has since set up a Shopify page where fans can have their AirPods customised into earrings for a mere $20.

Surely the logistics are wrong though?

We always welcome a good joke here. Ears. Teeth. Bluetooth. LMAO!

Could they possibly be a bit dangerous?

Although there is concern, as is the case with dangly earrings, that they could get ripped out and cause some serious earlobe damage. Ouch. Better avoid those cat fights ladies (and gents).

In more ways than one.

And that's without even considering the danger of wearing any sound blocking device in your ear when out and about. One minute you're all like "Look at me in my expensive AirPod/Airlings" and the next you're lying squashed like a bug on the floor. Remember safety is paramount readers.

And what if you lose one earring?

Very valid question Roe. How often do we lose an earring? Pretty much every weekend. Imagine our drunk self losing an AirPod earring. It's too sad to even think about.

You snooze, you lose.

That moment when you read about someone making a small fortune from an idea you had a decade ago but couldn't be bothered to follow up on. Why couldn't it be me?!

Apple will be devastated they didn't think of this first.

Maybe Apple is having that moment right now. Damn it why didn't we think of that? Right that's it design team, you're all fired!

21st century problems are real.

They think they had it bad before the wheel was invented, look at the problems that us snowflakes are facing today. How ever will we cope?

Do AirPods even need to be turned into jewellery?

This girl is already rocking AirPods as a pair of earrings without even realising it. Mmm, we are not sure. The AirPod design still looks a bit like a sperm hanging out of our ears to us.

The older generation just don't get technology.

Yes we may be stereotyping a bit, but can you really see your mom or better still your gran, wearing AirPods, let alone one fashioned into an earring? Some things are for the latest generation only.

This guy's taking it to the next level.

Portable toothbrush anyone?

Why limit ourselves to just a listening device? Oral hygiene is important too.

Gabrielle (deadanimemon) is most known for her amazing make up transformations.

Seriously you need to check out her Instagram, it's incredible. And slightly terrifying. Don't say we didn't warn you.

And one of her other creations.

Introducing the 'Hangnail'. You heard it here first. Not 100% sure this one will catch on quite as quickly as the Airings. Maybe more of a slow burner.

And soon you will be able to get your hands on AirPods 2.

Although Apple have not yet given a specific release date, rumours suggest that it will be during the first half of 2019. Could we be anymore excited?