It's always a little bit of a bummer when you have to cut down an old tree. Unfortunately, that's sometimes the only option if a tree is damaged, diseased, or dead. However, while the loss of a tree can sometimes be sad, there are some people who refuse to let the situation get them down. Instead, they find a new use for the tree and give it a brand new life!

Such is the case in today's story about a woman named Sharalee Armitage Howard. When she and her family moved into their house in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a large and stately 110-year-old tree grew from the ground in front of the house. Sadly, the family had to have the tree removed. However, they chose to create something absolutely gorgeous and magical with the leftover tree trunk.

Today, we're talking about Little Free Libraries. Specifically, one that's actually pretty big. And is actually a tree. I guess it's more of a Big Tree Library.

Attention all book lovers!

This story is for you! Fair warning: It might make you want to get into woodworking, too.

The next time you're out walking around your neighborhood, take a look around.

First of all, kudos to you for walking around your neighborhood. Everyone can use a good walk now and again.

If you're lucky, you might see something pretty magical on your walk.

It might look a little bit like a large birdhouse from afar, but as you come closer, you'll realize it's something even more wonderful.

A Little Free Library!

These tiny houses are located all over the place. And they're filled with books!

Books that you can take home and read!

The idea is that people in the neighborhood can share books with one another by placing them in the Little Free Library. If you need a book, take one. If you have some extras, you can donate them.

Best of all, it's totally free.

(Hence the word "free" in "Little Free Library." You probably could have figured that out on your own, huh?)

So, yeah, they're pretty amazing.

There's one just around the block from my house and I always get such a thrill whenever I peek inside and see the new books. If you're interested in starting your own Little Free Library, check out their website! However, not all Little Free Libraries look the same. There's one in Idaho that truly stands apart.

It belongs to the Howard family of Coeur d'Alene.

And they made it from a hollowed-out old tree! A super old tree, as a matter of fact — it was more than 110 years old when they found out they had to have it cut down.

This Little Free Library is seriously the stuff of dreams.

Doesn't it look so cozy? It even has steps leading up to the door and a warm and friendly light outside.

There are lights on the inside, too.

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I'm sure this little library would be wonderful to stumble across at any time of the year, but it looks extra magical in the winter! It's kind of the visual equivalent of a cup of hot cocoa.

The door on the front of the library protects the books from the elements.

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Simply walk up to the tree and open the door...

...To be greeted by a bunch of books!

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After all, it's not really a library without books, is it? I think they should get a copy of The Giving Tree to keep inside — it'd be absolutely perfect!

The outside of the library features adorable dentil molding.

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But it's not just stylish! Let's take a closer look.

Zoom in!

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Each of the individual dentils is actually a teeny tiny book! This Little Free Library just went from being great to being the greatest.

Here's another close-up view.

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Aren't they just darling?! (You can't borrow these books, obviously, but you've got to appreciate the adherence to theme.)

This charter plate makes the whole thing official.

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(If you start your own Little Free Library, you can buy a charter plate, too! Each one comes with its own charter number and gets logged on the official Little Free Library map.)

As a matter of fact, this isn't the first Little Free Library to be made from an old tree.

This one is located in Sebastopol, California. Looks pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Little Free Libraries come in all types of fun shapes.

Here's one shaped like a phone box. It's located in London (obviously).

This one has its own set of wheels!

If you're ever at the beach in Westport, Connecticut, keep your eyes peeled for The Remarkable Bookcycle! Something tells me it makes beach days even better than they usually are.

And here's one that looks like a boat!

Located (appropriately enough) at Ocean Grove Beach in New Jersey. Looking for your next beach read? You're in luck! These reads are already at the beach waiting for you!

Of course, there are plenty of other uses for old trees!

This person made a little fairy house out of an old tree stump. I'm sure the fairies love it.

Here's another similar tiny house.

Although this one is apparently for gnomes rather than fairies. I'm sure the gnomes like it, too.

Here's a fallen tree that was made into a chair!

There's nothing better than taking a seat and resting your bones when you're out on the trail! All the better if you don't have to sit directly on the ground.

This dead tree was transformed into a giant planter.

What a nice way to honor the former life of the gargantuan tree! It's still a place of growth and beauty.

This one is now a garbage can.

I bet this really encourages people to consider nature whenever they put litter inside. And the tree is still doing its part to make nature a lovely place!

This guy got the best revenge on a fallen tree.

After it totaled his car, he used the wood to create a beautiful bowl. And to think I just threw away the nail that was stuck in my tire instead of transforming it into something beautiful!

Here's another great use for a downed tree.

After the tree was knocked down in a hurricane, these people reclaimed the wood and used it in their home. That's a pretty big statement piece!

I also love this grandpa's approach:

You don't like the tree? No problem! Just make it into a bear!

Or you could turn a tree into a slingshot.

I'm not sure you should use it to shoot anything, though. That seems pretty dangerous. Even though these are all viable options when it comes to fallen trees, I have to admit that the Howards' Little Free Library is my very favorite.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some reading to do.

Have you ever seen a Little Free Library in the wild? Let us know in the comments! And don't forget to share this with your favorite book lover!