Woman Uses Her Hijab To Turn Herself Into Pop Culture Characters | 22 Words

There's no shortage of talented makeup artists online. It seems as though there are no limits to what people can achieve with just a few makeup products. Finding inspiration for a creative look has never been easier.

But there's one makeup artist who's creating looks with a difference. Saraswati, known as Queen of Luna online, incorporates her hijab into her transformations, to absolutely stunning effect. We've collated our favorite looks - prepare to be impressed.

40. Corpse Bride

These eyebrows must have required a steady hand.

39. Princess Leia

This bun look is as innovative as it is cute.

38. Princess Leia

Blocking out the brows shows some serious skill.

37. Scar

This is lion face paint taken to a whole 'nother level.

36. The Evil Queen

Those terrifying contact lenses really make the look.

35. Betty Boop

The way she reshapes her eyes is absolutely incredible.

34. Roxane from The Goofy Movie

The attention to detail goes right down to the stack of books she's carrying.

33. Hades

Who would think to take beauty inspiration from this hilarious villain?

32. Wednesday Adams

Hijab braids! Your face could never.

31. Harley Quinn

The dip-dye detail on this hijab really makes this look.

30. Bride of Chucky

The way she totally reshapes her face is a testament to her incredible talent.

29. Spinelli

This look is our childhood summed up in a single image.

28. Elphaba

Contouring and highlighting using only different shades of green. Amazing.

27. Beret Girl

Another Goofy Movie classic, she managed to color coordinate these purple tones beautifully.

26. Ariel

Kylie Jenner is quaking in her boots.

25. Shego

She truly manages to paint a cartoon face on top of her own.

24. The Other Mother

These button eyes are gonna give us nightmares.

23. Two-Face

Twice as nice - or as terrifying?

22. Daphne from Scooby-Doo

The addition of that hairband is nothing short of genius.

21. Rapunzel

Saraswati sure knows how to create braid effects using her hijab's fabric.

20. Hermione

She's also perfected a more natural, "no makeup" look.

19. Pennywise

Terrifying even without his signature orange hair.

18. Princess Fiona

Bonus points for including the ears.

17. Kim Possible

This look is simple but very effective.

16. Cinderella

She really knows how to craft her hijab into all manner of hairstyles.

15. Vanessa

The way she paints her eyebrows is truly magical.

14. Annabel

This Halloween classic is made super spooky thanks to the fake reflects.

13. Barbie

Not gonna lie, we'd be tempted to wear this makeup in our everyday life.

12. Daria

The fact she can so successfully replicate cartoons in real life is amazing.

11. Blossom

Extra props for the pink contact lenses.

10. Bubbles

The pom-poms in her "bunches" takes this look to the next level.

9. Black Panther

You can just tell how much work went into this look.


This floating crown effect is incredible.

7. The Grinch

We're totally vibing this festive look.

6. No-Face

This Spirited Away inspired look is excellently creepy.

5. Ursula

This look is absolutely incredible - just in time for the live-action remake.

4. Buttercup

The leather jacket is a perfect touch.

3. Aquaman

This might just be the most impressive on the list. We totally see Jason Momoa.

2. Instagram Filter

Who needs filters when you're this talented in real life?

1. Mystique

Considering this is one of the first looks she shared, her talent is undeniable. Want more incredible beauty inspiration? Scroll on for some truly impressive hair transformations inspired by the beauty of nature. We're obsessed.