Woman Warns Youngsters ‘COVID Is Real’ as She Gasps for Breath While Fighting the Virus

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A COVID-stricken woman recently issued a grave warning to youngsters from her hospital bed about the virus being “real” and how it is a “killer.”

This is truly chilling…

Because COVID-19 is so much more lethal than many think.

But sadly, thanks to all of the online rumors and conspiracy theories, many strongly believe that there is nothing to worry about.

So many people think that COVID is as harmless as the common cold…

And because of this incorrect belief, they feel that wearing masks and sticking to restrictions is unnecessary – which is utterly shocking.

While this is true to an extent (for example, the elderly are at a much higher risk than young people) nobody is safe from contracting COVID and being seriously knocked by its effects.

And even though children and younger people have been proven to be at the lowest risk of contracting the virus…

This doesn’t mean that they are safe from it.

So many young people live their lives thinking they are immune to the virus…

But one woman has decided to give them all a little reality check recently and her message is harrowing.

A forty-two-year-old woman living in London in the U.K recently appeared on a BBC News feature from her hospital bed after testing positive for COVID-19.

The woman, known as Hanifah, was seen coughing and wheezing as she issued a grave warning to youngsters who aren’t taking the virus seriously, and it’s gotten a lot of people talking.

Hanifah has been staying at the Croydon University Hospital in South London…

And through her heavy coughs, she told the BBC she felt she was “dying.”

“COVID is a killer.”

“COVID is real,” she said from her bed, wearing an oxygen tube and a plastic face viser.
“Even to young people, regardless, you might think you have no illnesses. It doesn’t matter. I’ve been healthy, had no illness, nothing. But COVID just struck me down.”

You can hear her message for yourselves here:

And not only do we wish Hanifah a speedy recovery, but we also hope COVID-deniers will learn a serious lesson from her chilling message.