It turns out that Donald Trump's "nice smile" hasn't gained him another supporter after all...

On October 15th, the second presidential debate kicked off.

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Well, thanks to President Trump's stubborn nature, the debate took place in the form of 2 separate town hall forums, in which Trump's was held by NBC in Miami and Joe Biden's was held by ABC in Philadelphia.

Both candidates had the chance to answer questions about their plans to be president...

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But, Donald Trump's forum quickly turned into one big argument.

The discussion was full of heated moments and catty comments...

But perhaps one moment that stood out the most?

The moment when a potential supporter started flirting with the president live on air, of course!

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It made many viewers feel rather uncomfortable, to say the least, and now the woman in question has spoken out about who she's actually going to be voting for. You won't believe what she had to say...

Trump's NBC forum was eventful, to say the least...

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And it didn't take long for things to become seriously heated.

The president was firm in "denouncing white supremacy" when asked about it...

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And it's clear it struck a nerve as he began viciously interrupting Guthrie while she was questioning him on these sensitive topics.

We all know that Trump came under fire in the first debate after he failed to denounce white supremacists and the Proud Boys...

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So of course it was bound to be brought up in the next one... and immediately, Trump was on the defense.

Trump tried to turn the whole thing around on Guthrie.

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“I denounced white supremacy for years," Trump claimed, before complaining that Guthrie and other people in the media keep bringing up the topic.

But when Guthrie went on to push Trump on his retweets of conspiracy theories this week...

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He seemed to snap and he sarcastically remarked to her, "So cute."

People were not happy with this condescending and degrading comment made by the president...

And so soon into the event!

Many felt that Trump needs to learn to keep his cool...

And that this was simply his reaction to losing his campaign.

It hasn't put him in a good light...

How does he expect to gain more supporters when he speaks to a woman like this on live, national TV?

But it seems that Trump still has some very loyal supporters...

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And some seem to be a little bit too loyal.

During the Q&A part of the forum, in which potential voters were able to directly speak to the president, a woman named Paulette was pulled up from the crowd.

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She seemed to be very excited to be on TV, but it turns out that it was just because she was in the presence of such a "handsome man."

Paulette, who was dazing at Trump, said:

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"Good evening, Mr. President! I have to say, you have a great smile!"

Trump seemed smitten and thanked the besotted woman...

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But the internet certainly didn't agree.

People were creeped out, to say the least!

And it was all very awkward and uncomfortable to watch.

Is this woman okay?

Well, that is what many people are now wondering!

Was it really necessary, though?

Many feel that Paulette's childish swooning is totally irrelevant during a Presidential Debate... especially one that is so tense, too!

Many assumed that Paulette was nothing but a hardcore Trump supporter...

But actually, this is far from the case.

The Florida woman has since been identified as Paulette Dale...

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And putting aside her crush on the president, she spoke with the Miami New Times about her real opinions on the debate.

The sixty-eight-year-old retired college professor spoke of how she intends of voting for Joe Biden instead of Trump.

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When she spoke in the Q&A, she discussed how immigration policies are a personal subject to her as her parents were immigrants from Europe due to religious persecution. "Surveys show that most Americans and the majority of Republicans support the Dreamers program. So my question for you, Mr. President, is: If you are elected to a second term, do you expect to pursue your previous efforts to cut the DACA program?" she asked Trump on Thursday.

Clearly, Trump's response of how he is "working to take care of DACA" didn't work on Paulette...

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As she revealed to the New Times that she plans on going ahead with voting for Biden this year. "I wish he would smile more and talk less," she said.

She then said:

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"I think the man has a nice smile. However, I'm not a fan."

Fair enough, Paulette!

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And we must say, it's refreshing to see a Biden supporter being friendly and civil with the opposition... for once!

You can watch Paulette's slightly cringing moment here:

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