The woman who lives in Bella Thorne's old house has revealed a ton of the unusual and personal items the star abandoned. Some of which, she was very shocked to find.

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It's no secret that Bella Thorne hasn't had it easy...

Growing up in the spotlight doesn’t seem like an ideal scenario, with cameras and reporters following your every move.

The star was in front of the camera from just 6 weeks old...

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Bella began child modeling when she was just a baby, appearing in over thirty commercials, including Neutrogena and Texas Instruments.

She also starred in lucrative advertising campaigns...

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Including the likes of  Guess Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Gap, and Diesel.

But it was on-screen where things began to take off for Bella.

The star's on-screen career dates back to 2003, but it wasn't until 2010 when her name really became known.

Her most prominent role as Cece Jones in Disney Channel's Shake It Up propelled her to stardom.

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Bella starred alongside Zendaya in the Disney smash hit.

The show followed 2 Chicago teens as they try and fulfill their dream of becoming professional dancers.

And it firmly cemented Bella's Disney star status.

But we all know how the story goes...

There's no denying that a ton of child and teen stars tend to go off the rails - take Amanda Bynes, for example.

At face value, Bella seemed to be handling everything pretty well...

But little did we know that she was struggling behind the scenes with everything that a normal teen struggles with: her identity, her family, and maintaining relationships.

Bella has been no stranger to drama in the past...

Bella is known for her lack of embarrassment and for posting about personal and explicit aspects of her life on her social media. To put it short, this girl has nothing to hide and we absolutely live for it

In fact, she exposed all of her struggles in her book last year...

The book aimed to give fans an insight into her mindset while she transitioned from the young, sweet Disney star that everyone wanted her to be, to Hollywood’s wild-child.

Bella openly talks about the things that people would typically try and conceal, like how it feels growing up in a family feeling unloved...

As well as the pressures having to pin down your identity at a young age.

But, of course...

With fame comes constant scrutiny, and despite being open and honest in her book, it didn't stop the press poking even further into her personal life.

One of the main aspects of her life the star frequently hit the headlines for was her relationships.

Bella has always been open about her dating history and love life.

She has had something of a pretty chaotic dating history...

With a list of ex-partners ranging from pretty boys to bad boys. She has had both serious relationships and month-long flings with partners such as Charlie Puth, Gregg Sulkin, and Tyler Posey.

But her relationship with American internet personality and rapper Tana Mongeau really made headlines.

It all began after Bella and Tana encountered one another at the Life Is Beautiful music festival in Las Vegas in 2017. Tana asked the actress to get a photo of the two kissing to “break the internet," which, of course, Bella happily agreed to do.

The couple very quickly became inseparable.

After meeting, Bella and Tana started “hanging out every second of every day" and were completely infatuated by each other. Bella has always been open about being pansexual, and Tana began to question her own sexuality after considering herself to be straight.

Despite Bella and Tana getting serious pretty quickly...

They announced that they were officially dating, but they weren’t exclusive. Bella confirmed that she also began seeing rapper, Mod Sun, around the same time that her romance with Tana began to blossom. She said to The New York Post: “It’s definitely really intriguing and quite beautiful that you can open yourself up to have this kind of fluid relationship between three or four or five or however many people."

The open relationship seemed to be working...

Despite there reportedly initially being tension between Tana and Mod, everything seemed to cool down when the pair began making music together. “Being in that relationship taught me so much about myself and polyamory and openness and how close-minded the world can be," Tana reportedly said.

But everything eventually came to an end...

The romance clearly wasn’t meant to be. Bella and Tana announced their break up in February 2019. The couple had been dating for over a year, so they were both having a fairly rough time following the split; Bella soon after split up with Mod Sun. The couple claim that they are still good terms and remain friends, though.

But this week, Bella has hit the headlines for a very different reason...

A TikTok user named Rachel Turner moved into Bella's old house, and it seems she left some interesting things behind. Keep scrolling for the full video...

Let's just say, the house is as quirky as it's former owner.

Rachel, says she often gets questions about the house so she decided to give her followers a tour.

When the actress moved out, she, of course, left behind some fascinating features...

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Including a rainbow staircase and a bathroom emblazoned with graffiti.

But it seems she left behind some more personal things too.

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Rachel explained in the video, she also left behind her Teen Choice Award from 2015, a dinosaur wearing a tutu and half a closet full of clothes.

But that isn't even the half of it...

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"I don’t know how she was when she left, because she left a lot of sentimental things that I would think she would want," Rachel revealed to Buzzfeed. “She left a gift bag that was engraved from her grandparents and her medical records."

Rachel went on to explain that Bella is still technically her landlord and sometimes comes by to check on things.

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So, she offered to inquire about some especially personal items next time they see each other.

Watch the full video below:

That's one colorful house!