We sometimes forget how dangerous cars can be. The vehicles that we often consider to be everyday items are actually dangerous weapons, and what's really terrifying is that even basic items in a car can put a person at risk. Magazines turn into blades, pens turn into spikes, and seatbelts can hold the same power as a noose.

In those moments, when a car collides with something, the force alone is enough to kill. But do you ever think about the way that you seat yourself in a vehicle? Because turns out, it's pretty cruical.

As was the case for thirty-five-year-old Grainne Kealy, who broke every bone in her face as a consequence of the way that she was sitting when her boyfriend’s car collided with a wall. It was an incident that left her permanently changed. Now Kealy is trying to promote car safety, warning people not to do what she did.

It was just a normal day…

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When Grainne Kealy, who was twenty-two at the time, went for a drive with her boyfriend in his Jeep.

Everything was going just fine.

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Kealy had her legs up on the dashboard and she was loving life.

Little did she know how this would change things for her...

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This one decision would change Kealy's life forever. Keep reading to see what happened to her...

Something went horribly wrong.

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Suddenly, the Jeep hit a patch of black ice and skidded off the road, colliding with a wall at one-hundred and twenty miles per hour.

Kealy survived, but she was not left unscathed.

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Because her feet were on the dashboard, she suffered horrible consequences...

Kealy didn’t usually sit like this.

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"I had decided along the way that I would be more comfortable if my feet were on the dashboard. It was something I rarely did and only did that morning as I had bought a new pair of Ugg boots and knew that I wouldn’t dirty the dashboard."

But she did on that fateful day...

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And it left her wounded and broken. Because Kealy had placed her feet on the dashboard, they were forced backwards by the power of the inflating airbag.

Which meant that she broke every bone in her face.

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If she hadn’t have been sitting with her feet on the dashboard, her injuries wouldn't have been as severe.

She was quickly rushed to a hospital.

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Kealy had to be recovered from the wreckage of the car and was driven to the nearest hospital.

It was discovered, there, that she had several facial fractures.

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On top of this, doctors found that Kealy had a cerebrospinal fluid leak from her brain, which required immediate treatment by a neurosurgeon at Dublin’s Beaumont Hospital.

What did Kealy have to say about it all?

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Recently, Kealy spoke out about what she could remember of that day, and the memories were not pleasant: “They told me that I had pushed in and up my face and they would have to basically pull it all out and put it back together."

But the operation was a success!

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Despite all that she had been through, the operation was completed and Kealy survived the whole ordeal.

But that wasn’t the end of her pain.

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She was rushed back to hospital a year later due to further complications.

Which led her doctors to do something drastic.

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To assure her well-being, Kealy's doctors had to remove her forehead.

Leaving her with nothing there...

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Kealy was left with nothing in place of her forehead until a ceramic forehead was fitted in 2009.

But the crash still affects her life today.

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Even though the crash was over a decade ago, Kealy admitted that she still finds it hard to look at herself in a mirror.

And there are other issues that she has to deal with in everyday life.

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"I constantly lose words while in the middle of a conversation. This can happen to me twenty times a day. I get headaches when too many people are talking around and I sometimes find it difficult to stay focused."

Now she is warning people to never put their feet on the dash.

Although the crash has changed her life, Kealy refuses to let the same thing to happen to anyone else. Now she spends her time warning people about what happened to her, even sharing pictures of herself during her recovery. What a brave lady.

She doesn't want more families to suffer.

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Speaking out about her mission to warn people about the dangers of putting their feet on the dash, Kealy stated: "I would hate for another person’s family to have to get that dreaded phone call as mine did."

Recently, Kealy took to social media to demonstrate her cause.

In 2018, Kealy took to Facebook to talk about car safety, as well as to post pictures of celebrities who had their feet on the dashboard.

She explained that they just didn't understand...

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"[These] people [...] do not realize that they are sending out the WRONG message by putting their feet on the dashboard!!"

But Kealy still has difficulty reaching people with her message.

Although she is doing all that she can, Kealy still believes that her message is not being heard. "It breaks my heart that I can't reach enough people to warn them before another person has to go through what I had to go through."

Meaning that many people could still meet the same fate.

Something that Kealy would not wish upon anyone.

Especially seeing as she is still dealing with the damage.

Although ten years have passed, Kealy is still recovering from her accident. Even after excessive amounts of surgery, she can still remember the time that she looked like this.

It just shoes what a simple reckless decision can do...

It’s hard to believe such a small decision could ruin a life forever. As Kealy herself said, "Silly when you think about it."

But she is adamant about getting her message heard.

"Please make sure and tell as many people as you can."

Let’s hope that more people are beginning to listen.

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Because Kealy's message truly is an important one.

Having your feet on the dashboard is dangerous.

And Kealy wants you to realize this!

Because she is still recovering from the accident...

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"Please help make more people aware of the dangers of having your feet on the dashboard. Trust me when I say it is not worth it. I am STILL recovering from my accident TEN YEARS later."

Maybe one day Kealy's work will pay off.

Hopefully, Kealy's hard work will one day pay off and no one else will have to suffer as she is.