Woman Who Slapped ‘Karen’ in Gas Station Doesn’t Buy Mental Illness Excuse for Racism

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Shocking footage went viral over the weekend showing a white woman – or a “Karen,” as the internet has dubbed her, going on a racist rant inside a gas station, before being slapped in the face.

And now, the woman who stood up for herself has spoken out and she doesn’t buy the “mental health” excuse that has been given…

For centuries now, people of color have been hatefully discriminated against, and shockingly, it is still happening today.

More people than ever before are fighting for quality for all races and ethnicities… But that doesn’t mean that racism still isn’t happening.

Over the weekend, footage emerged of a white woman going on a racist rant in the middle of the gas station, before getting slapped.

And people have been left completely horrified by the woman’s disgraceful behavior.

People have taken to referring to the white woman as a “Karen” – which is a phrase that is often used as a joke.

But, in this instance, there is nothing to laugh about.

The video, which was initially posted to Facebook, sparked outrage online after the woman can be seen going on a disgusting racist rant in the middle of a Phoenix gas station.

She didn’t walk away clean as many of these people often do – she got a slap in the face – and the internet is thrilled about it.

And it kicked off when a middle-aged white woman stormed inside a gas station demanding to be helped after her pump outside was apparently not working.

But things quickly escalated.

Before telling the clerk behind the register not to serve her.

As the women shout at each other, the “Karen” can be seen pushing the woman.

And she can be seen slapping the “Karen” across her face.

And of course, many felt that the slap in the face was something of a refreshing change compared to those who will often walk away scot-free.

“She begged for it & she got it. She got off easy with that 1 slap though.”

The sheer nerve of these people to be so blatantly racist is completely beyond us.

Bob Harrian appealed directly to Karina Rodriguez – the woman who slapped his wife, Tamara, during the gas station incident – during an interview with FOX10.

“I’m just so sorry that this happened. You never walked into that store thinking something like this was going to happen. I understand, and I’m sorry. I’m sorry for what she said.”

“I just have to tell you this – it’s her mental illness. A year ago she would never have done, never have even thought of that.”

And says she’s developed paranoia and signs of fabrication – and hopes that the video will urge her to seek help.

Many didn’t agree with the attempts to blame her racism on mental illness.

Why wasn’t his wife making the apology?

Karina Rodriguez spoke to TMZ about the shocking incident that was caught on camera.

But she decided not to because she was scared the police would racially profile her and blame her for the altercation.

However, as we saw before, he has made his stance on the situation very clear – he doesn’t agree with his wife’s actions.

It’s Tamara’s mental health claims.

She explained that she doesn’t believe being racist and being mentally ill have anything to do with each other, and she’s willing to bet Tamara’s racism dates back earlier than whatever she’s been dealing with recently.

Karina then advised the “Karen” to immediately start working toward bettering herself if she wants a shot at redemption, but she’s not holding her breath.

When will this blatant discrimination end? For more on the disgraceful racism in our country, keep scrolling to read about the black man who was shot by a white police officer in his own home…