My grandma has severe dementia, and it's gotten to the point that she usually has no clue who we are or what she's doing. It's sad, no doubt, but there are still moments of clarity when she will call us out by name or give us just a glimpse of what we had in the past.

They're fleeting, but they're totally worth it.

Someone who can relate to that is Brian Ridings, who goes to see his eighty-eight-year-old mom in an assisted living facility whenever he can.

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She has difficulty communicating or remembering exactly what’s going on at times, but Ridings noticed that her eyes always lit back up again when they sang or performed music together.

Not wanting to miss out on the memories, he decided to film it so he could keep it forever.

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His mom stumbles over a few words here and there, but her son sweetly helps reorient her with his own singing and a smiling face.

“Most days I miss my mom, but she always comes back to me when we sing," he wrote in the video's description.

via: YouTube

And though the story is touching on its own, the fact that they both can carry a tune helps to make it all the more special.

Check it out for yourself: