Woman Won’t Let Her Husband Buy His Son a Birthday Present Because She Wants Him To Save for a House

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A woman has caused quite a stir after admitting she wouldn’t let her husband buy a present for his son from a previous relationship…

The woman in question was twenty-two when she first met her now-husband, and wasn’t initially aware he had a son.

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However, once news of his son came to the surface, the woman took it in her stride, despite being more than a little surprised.

Now, the pair have been married for 4 years, and things have gotten a little tense between them both over a comment the woman made regarding the boy’s birthday present…

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The woman took to Reddit to ask “AITA for asking my husband to not send his son a birthday gift?”

Unsurprisingly, many took to the comments to brand the woman “selfish” and “heartless” for her comments…

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While another said

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She started off her post writing: “He has always sent his son birthday and Christmas gifts, and has sometimes gone to special events, and over the course of the time I’ve known him, he’s definitely gotten more into his fatherly role.”

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However, tensions arose when the woman questioned her husband buying a birthday present for his son.

“Over the course of this year, my husband and I have been saving up to buy a new house and we are getting pretty close to the amount of money we’d need for the one we’d like.”

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She highlighted that they haven’t been spending money on anything other than saving for the house.

She added: “My husband’s son’s birthday is next week and my husband told me he’s planning to buy him a Nintendo Switch and some games for it since the mother of his son told him he likes that stuff. 

“I asked if the games were necessary, or if the Switch even was. My husband was confused and said it was a birthday gift for his son.”

The woman went on to say that she doesn’t understand why he’d want to buy a present when he’s not part of his life anyway…

“I said it was an expensive purchase, especially seeing as we’re saving up right now, and that he isn’t that involved in his son’s life anyway so why should he have to buy him gifts,” she said.

She concluded: “My husband said I don’t understand because I don’t have any kids of my own, especially not ones I don’t see, and I don’t understand the situation.”

She wrote that her husband seemed annoyed at her lack of understanding but couldn’t understand why.

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