Woman’s Photo Goes Viral After Friends Spot Unfortunate Reflection in Mirror

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This is why you should never take a photo while standing in front of a mirror. Keep on scrolling to see this poor woman’s disastrous selfie all thanks to an unfortunate reflection…

Don’t you just love taking hundreds of photographs to capture all of your amazing memories?

But thanks to our incredible smartphones, so many photo-fails can happen!

And now, it’s all anyone can see!

Let’s take a look at some cringe-worthy photo moments that have gone viral online.

Some girl f*cking cried because she got assigned as my partner on a school project.Funkstramadus

ORIGINAL TWEET: Everyone help me find this man I saw at the football game I want to go on a date with him. THE ACTUAL GUY’S REPLY: This is me. I’m sorry but you’re not my type. – Xboxjuanlol

Ya hate to see it.Wheeler_Chair

Every other person in the room looks disappointed, especially the man in the back with his head in his hand.CharmingShower

No one came to my loneliness seminar.illinoisilluminati

No one came to his party.poppenkill

That fan really wants that hug.LSines2015

The headline to an AskReddit question: Wife wants to use a sperm donor because she wants attractive kids.Aquagenie

The headline to a YouTube video: Dude reviews Scotch while his wife packs her stuff and leaves him.Terminator076

Found an old picture I took of the pillow I cried into, after my ex broke up with me.foxfunk

They don’t like-like him.

Put it on his gravestone.Rhysatron004

No one showed up to the speeding dating event.VoidTorcher

Must’ve wanted a different game.WeezyMac_

Me, my sister, and my best friend (from left to right) at our graduation trip. Fun stuff.-NoCoolName-

Then, a commentor filled them in on what actually happened: Hey, uhh, sorry to break it to you but this is how places with a MICROS POS system do their to-go orders. All to-go orders have this on the check. Sorry, she’s not into you. It’s just a place for the server/ bartender to put the phone number of people calling in to place orders.simomii

I’m sure this will fix things!manintransition

When you finally realize your group chat has gone dead because your friends made a new one without you._chocolatemango

This is heartbreaking. You just hate to see it.

I was 10 when my teacher asked us to write a short story about our best friend. I looked at mine and smiled. I then wrote everything I knew about him. Once we were done the teacher asked for volunteers to read our story out loud. My best friend went first. I was not in his story.@pineabul

So… I guess she said no? It’s a good drawing, at least.

We come to today’s story.

Clad in a red dress, Connie posed ahead of a night out on the town… but people were quick to point out something very disturbing (and very funny!) in the reflection of her mirror.

And if you look closely…

It’s merely the reflection of the back of her leg and heel, but of course, the internet didn’t see it in that way! For more, keep on reading for some major cringe-worthy photos…