If you're feeling uncomfortable in any situation, guess what? You're allowed to leave. This concept was covered in a moving Twitter thread by writer Erynn Brook. Through a series of events in her early life, Erynn learned an important lesson on respecting her own intuition and comfort. In the powerful thread, Erynn shared the ideas her mother imparted.

Here's the thing: we're often taught by society that we must be accommodating to other people. We're told to be meek, even when we are uncomfortable. And that's just not true. In just several tweets, Erynn dismantled that idea. We should all feel like we're allowed to leave, whenever we must. This doesn't just apply to women, of course: men, non-binary folks, and people of all genders should know that they have this right.

So check out Erynn Brook's amazing Twitter thread, and discover the idea for yourself!

Get ready for this genius thread.

Both genius, and emotional; this thread will get pretty real.

Erynn’s story begins when she was quite young:

Hey, sleepovers can be downright nerve-wracking.

Her mother gave very specific directions.

No matter what, Erynn had a backup plan.

And her mother’s words paid off.

It’s a good thing Erynn’s mother said those things!

Young Erynn did encounter resistance.

But luckily, she knew what to do!

Erynn’s mother was quick to come to her daughter’s aid.

Mom to the rescue!

And she made it clear to Erynn what was most important about this event.

Her friend's mother was apologizing for Erynn, but that wasn't the point of this whole thing- or what Erynn's mother wanted.

For some reason, the other mother didn’t know what to say to that.

A few simple words and she was dumbstruck.

The motherly life lessons didn’t end there.

Because boundaries are an important concept for children to understand.

Erynn’s mom was always firm on shutting down teasing and bullying.

Good on her, for backing up her daughter!

She got her daughter out of hostile environments.

Even in adulthood, Erynn's mother was a supportive teacher.

Along the way, Erynn was learning something important.

And it’s something that everyone should know!

Here’s why it matters:

She taught her daughter something important—and then backed those words up in the way she treated her. 

Kids learn by example.

Which is why Erynn’s mother’s example was so radical!

We should always feel allowed to leave.

Sadly, not everybody is as aware of these things.

So Erynn shared her message directly:

Maintaining our integrity shouldn’t extend to unnecessarily forcing ourselves through extreme discomfort for another’s benefit. 

We’re allowed to put our own comfort first.

In case you’ve also absorbed that message, here’s your wake-up call.

Sometimes, an affirmation is all you need.

Erynn’s mother gave her the tools she needed to leave a bad situation.

Spread the word!

Now that we’re all aware of this simple, radical concept, let’s make sure everyone else is too.

And Erynn’s message was for everyone:

Self-care doesn’t have a gender.

Basically, the more people that know, the more this idea will keep spreading.

Everyone, of any gender, should understand that they’re entitled to leave an uncomfortable situation.

Erynn also had a message specifically for trans and non-binary people:

Because nobody’s worth is limited to how much they can appease other people.

And no, “toughen up" isn’t a perfect alternative.

Sure, we all experience unavoidable challenges. But we can also recognize situations that we don’t need (or deserve) to put ourselves through.

Heck, Erynn understands discomfort:

Same, to be honest.

There’s a difference between "uncomfortable," and other words Erynn could have used.

And Erynn chose the word "uncomfortable" for a reason.

She’s a writer. She meant what she wrote.

Turns out "uncomfortable" was just the right word for the job.

So here’s her clarification.

Erynn is referring to a specific brand of unhappiness.

We can all think of a situation like this:

Isn’t this type of "uncomfortable" unfortunately common?

Erynn had some mic drop-worthy wisdom:

You have to define discomfort for yourself, by no one else’s standards.

So let’s keep this powerful message in mind.

Know the differences between uncomfortable and challenging, and give yourself permission to leave something that’s making you distinctly uncomfortable. Trust your instincts!