Woman's Story of Rescuing an Abandoned Puppy Has Gone Viral for the Best Reason | 22 Words

There's nothing quite like an adorable puppy face to brighten your day. So consider this your daily pick-me-up!

Of course, this pup has a tragic backstory to go along with his cute face. But don't worry; there's a happy ending! Still, Larry the former stray endured quite the shocking series of events before his rescue. The lady who rescued him (and his new mama) live-tweeted Larry's story and Twitter completely fell in love with him! You will too when you read through the tale.

Plus, tons of people are sharing their own adoption stories so...there are really enough animal pick-me-ups to get you through the next week. Keep reading and get ready for your heart to positively melt!

We all know there are too many stray animals in the world.

It's always heartbreaking when we hear about their plight. But at least stories like this also exist, where we can take some heart!

Who wants to hear a good dog story?

There's a reason all those dog-centric movies are regular tear-jerkers in the theaters. People will pay to see those lil' puppy faces blinking up at them.

And when we see them in real life...

Well, all bets are off. I'm not sure how anyone is ever able to resist all that cuteness!

After all, they're humankind's best friend.

You've gotta be pretty dang amazing to own an official title like that. And Larry, the puppy in question today, is amazing.

His rescuer (TeganG_ on Twitter) shared the story.

And we've gotta give her kudos for her sharp eyes and quick reflexes. Who knows where Larry would be otherwise?

Here's what happened:

Look at that face! What kind of monster leaves that in a ditch?!

The story takes place in Wisconsin.

Yeah, there's rural and then there's rural. And amid the browned surroundings, Tegan picked out something special.

So she acted fast.

And the mystery creature was...(cue drum beats)


Luckily, Larry's not too picky of an eater and his stomach was bigger than his cautiousness!

Now what?

Any clue what you're supposed to do when you find an abandoned puppy in a ditch? Tegan didn't! But as you'll see she handled it pretty well anyway.

So here's what she did:

Dog person, cat person...at the end of the day, animals are just great.

Vests definitely suit this little guy.

You can tell the pair of them were already bonding before she'd even figured out what to do with him yet!

The puppy was nice and snug.

But she still needed to inquire about him. And from there, Tegan (and little Larry) made an extremely surprising discovery!

She began calling around.

...And she got passed around a bit on the phone. But eventually everything became clear!

The humane office "recognized" Larry.

That humane society office had never met Larry. However, they had heard OF Larry.

Larry wasn't alone.

But he had endured the worst out of the litter (as you can imagine, Northern Wisconsin gets cold).

The reunion was precious.

Just look at those happy pups! They may have been abandoned by a bad person, but thankfully they came into the hands of good ones.

Pretty soon, they found out a bit more about the puppies.

I can only imagine how hard it must be to get four squirmy, excited puppies to stand on a scale!

And good news for Larry!

Tegan is going to take him home for good! And it makes sense since they bonded so much before she brought him to the shelter.

Larry is still being treated.

But he'll be right as rain in no time. And in the meantime, Tegan gave a particular shoutout on Twitter.

Because she's the MVP...

...and so is the Humane Society office treating Larry and his sisters.

Larry looks super happy already.

There's no way Larry's little face wouldn't bring joy to pretty much any day.

His new mom wasn't done sharing Larry's progress.

Unfortunately, Larry and his sisters didn't make it out of the forest totally unscathed. But it's nothing some R&R won't fix.

Larry has still been able to start meeting his new family.

So, "King Leonidas of Sparta" is an amazing name for that kitty. And luckily it seems like the new family member is integrating well enough.

Tegan visits Larry during his stay at the shelter.

Which works for us, because we get more Larry pictures!

People on Twitter are loving this story.

That adoration has also reached the Humans Society office that treated Larry, even though they aren't on Twitter!

In the meantime, PUPPY EARS.

That's not all. Both other people's stories and tons of donations have been flooding in ever since. Check out some of the absolutely amazing feedback that this story has received!

For one thing, Larry's sisters have gotten attention too!

Hopefully, soon all of the abandoned puppies will be off to loving homes.

Larry knows what's up.

And so do these next few precious animals!

Look at all the other pet-owners replying to the thread:

More dog pictures are always welcome here!

What a peachy dog!

What is it with people who abandon dogs in ditches?! Peaches looks like such a sweetie.

Someone left these kittens in a box!

But at least whoever did it magically picked the doorstep of somebody who'd love them.

Here's another good girl!

I love the name Arwen for that pup! She's regal, just like an elven princess from Lord of the Rings.

How about this sassy lady?

I love that look she's giving the camera. Now that is what 'serving face' means.

So let's just say what we're all thinking.

Hopefully, we'll hear more about Larry in the coming days! How sweet was this story?! Share it with everyone you know who could use a Larry face to brighten their day.