Valentine's Day is on the horizon, and one woman has wasted no time in letting her husband know exactly what she wants to celebrate the romantic holiday...

In the form of a list.


Yep, this forward-thinking wife decided to put her thoughts to paper when it comes to her Valentine's expectations.

I mean, can we really blame her?


The woman, who has remained anonymous for obvious reasons, shared her list of Valentine's Day expectations onto social media to give a whole host of other romantics the inspiration.

Here's what she included...

First thing's first - love-heart balloons.


I know, I know. These aren't exactly at the top of most people's mental lists, but this woman believes that being woken up with a handful of love-heart-shaped balloons is the perfect way to kickstart her Valentine's.

Secondly, she expects breakfast in bed.

Okay, this is something all of us lowkey anticipate from our partners - because who doesn't want to be woken up with a romantic breakfast in bed?

Even if it is only coffee and croissants from the bakery across the road...

Next, she expects a lavish bouquet of flowers.


​Massive cliche, I know, but Valentine's wouldn't be Valentine's without flowers, would it?

Whether it be roses, carnations, or tulips, this woman's husband is expected to present some form of floral gesture of love. No pressure.

And then?


A surprise trip to Disney World. Because love has no price, right?

Some form of sweet treat is anticipated, too.


Chocolates, cakes, cookies, donuts... This woman isn't fussy.

But she also expects a savory treat.


Have you ever received a cheese board for Valentine's Day?

A little unconventional, I know, but it apparently makes for a great Valentine's gift... Because who doesn't love cheese?

Next, expensive wine is expected to be on the menu.


Valentine's Day calls for a change from your usual weeknight $4 bottle - on the most romantic day of the year, this woman's husband is expected to break the bank on a bottle of something rather special.

Pamper products are a must, too.


If there's one way this man can express his love for his wife, it's through scented soaps, exfoliating scrubs, and revitalising face masks. Obviously.

And, on the other side of the scale, she wants a million TikTok followers.


Okay, not everybody would stoop to this level to improve their TikTok game but hey, each to their own, right?

She also requested to find out what is really inside Area 51...


But we think she's joking... Surely?

And she expects an addition for her wardrobe.


Whether it be a fancy new dress, a new pair of shoes, or that designer handbag she's had her eye on for a while... This woman is expecting her husband to pull all the stops to make it hers.

And if you thought that was the end of her list...


Well, you would be gravely mistaken.

This high-maintenance wife wants one more thing to make her Valentine's Day complete...


And that's the Earth Series jigsaw puzzles from Blue Kazoo.

Because what could be more romantic than tackling a near-impossible jigsaw puzzle?

Blue Kazoo

Okay, I realise that you may need some convincing on this particular requirement, so here we go...

​Blue Kazoo's best-seller, the Earth Series, contains 3 1000 piece puzzles...

Blue Kazoo

The Earth, the Moon, and the Sun.

Each puzzle contains gorgeously realistic detailing...

Blue Kazoo

And each is guaranteed to provide hours of fun - especially for couples spending a romantic evening within the comfort of their own homes.

And, for $99 a set, it's a total steal!

Blue Kazoo

You can get your own here.

So, there you have it - what do you think of this woman's list? Is it too extravagant? Or are you writing up your own as we speak?