Women Are Cutting Their Boyfriends’ Hair and the Results Are Hilarious

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As the coronavirus continues to decimate on a global scale, we’ve all been forced to realize just how fragile life can be. And after rumors that a vaccine could take up to twelve months have surfaced, we must come together to help those most vulnerable in our society.

And there’s one method we have been advised to adopt: Social distancing. But after spending a week in lockdown, people have gone to desperate measures to keep up with their personal grooming.

Keep scrolling to see how some hilarious haircuts that are bound to make you feel better about yourself…

You’ve probably heard this term being thrown about these past few weeks but what is the true meaning behind it?

This includes reducing how often we go out to visit our friends, other family members, how often we attend events and gatherings.

How do I stress this so that the world can understand? It is very important that we control and limit our social interaction as it will prevent the further spread of the coronavirus. If you don’t come into contact with people as often, you can’t pass on the germs.

In order to carry out social distancing in an effective manner, we all need to first understand how serious this global pandemic has become. Why? Because some people don’t realize the severity of this virus, ain’t that right, Vanessa Hudgens and co.?

There are many factors that make some people more susceptible to falling victim to the disease and it typically involves their health or their age. But recently, it seems as though those factors matter less and less because the disease is getting stronger.

Businesses have shut and people have been forced into their homes with only necessary trips to the supermarket as the only escape.

So they have been going to desperate measures to keep themselves well-groomed.

And have immediately regretted cheating on their barber. Here are some of the shocking (yet hilarious) results.

That went very badly, very quickly.

It really is a good job that we’re all in quarantine…

I see the inspiration behind this look was prison.

I mean, the only thing fading here is his trust in his girlfriend.

Clearly someone got a little hungry while giving their man a haircut…

A+ for effort… I guess?

Someone took short, back and sides way too seriously.

I can’t even look at this one again. Oh my God.

I don’t know what to call this look, but it’s horrid. You should have just stuck with the length, sis.

Life lesson: Never trust a woman with a blade.

Honestly, these guys are just lucky no one’s going to be seeing them for the next few months.

The long hair is a look.

This will all be over soon and you’ll be able to go back to your barber with open arms. Stay safe, folks. Don’t cut your hair at home. If you’re looking for some tips on how to remain sane throughout this period of working from home, then keep scrolling…