Women have been sharing their tips on social media on how to stay safe when walking home alone, including one important iPhone hack...

And it begs the question, what are men doing to make us feel safer?


Because the issue surrounding women's safety from men has been debated for many years now.

Millions of women all around the world face abuse and sexual harassment every single day...


And the scary thing is that its been normalized by so many different cultures.

​Did you know that in the United Kingdom, ninety-seven percent of young women have been sexually harassed by men at some point in their lives?


A survey released by UN Women UK has found that this percentage of females aged between eighteen - twenty-four have suffered sexual harassment, as women report losing faith in the ability of authorities to effectively deal with the abuse that they receive.

This is not okay...

And although the awareness surrounding domestic abuse and sexual harassment is now more prominent than ever, way too many women find themselves as victims of these horrendous crimes every single day.

The story of Sarah Everard is a tragic example of this.

Sarah, who is from London, went missing on March 3rd after walking home at night from a friend's house.

Human remains were found in Kent earlier yesterday and it has since been confirmed they belong to Sarah.

A serving Metropolitan Police officer has been arrested on suspicion of her kidnap and murder...

And, quite predictably, people have been reeling over the fact that a member of the police force may be involved with this horrific crime - especially due to the fact that the officer is believed to have had no connection with Sarah in the past.

It just goes to show how you really can't trust anyone...

No matter what their profession may be.

Women have been rallying together online to share tips on how to stay safe when walking out in public or the streets alone...


And one of them is an emergency hack you can use on your iPhone...

​And this is why it's necessary...

In response, women have been sharing their tips on how to stay safe...


I look so tired lol but some tips from a karate kid / true crime obsessed / paranoid feminist 😊 #selfdefense #selfdefence #safety #womenempowerment


Such a cute little accessory for the gals!!! #fyp #selfdefense #stabapredator

Instagram user The India Edit posted the hack on her account after learning about the disappearance of Sarah Everard.

Many women have taken to social media to express their anger and concerns over women's safety, and she was keen to share her tips to keep other women safe.

All you have to do is search "Emergency SOS" on your iPhone which will take you into settings.


Then it directs you to press and hold the side button and either volume button. This will automatically make an emergency call from your device.

You can also set up the option of just pressing the side button to make it more discreet.


The emergency SOS will be activated when you press the side lock button rapidly 5 times.

This will set off a loud siren that counts down from 3 to 1, and you can turn the siren off if you need to.


When the countdown is over, emergency services will automatically be called and share your location.

You can also set up emergency contacts in your phone letting them know your location and that emergency services have been called. 


After you have entered SOS mode, it will send updates of your location to your emergency contacts.

India added: "Please share as I feel this is a little known fact that could make us ALL feel safer."

Women all across social media have been sharing the hack in an effort to keep each other safe. Including the hack for android users...

It's sad that we as women even need to take these precautions.

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