Women Are Sharing Photos of the Identical Freckle They Have on the Wrist | 22 Words

We all have something about us that makes us unique. Whether it be an unusual birthmark or a particular eye color, there is bound to be something that makes us different from the rest.

However, it seems now that many women may share a particular mark, all on the same part of the body.

An image of a single freckle on a woman's wrist has done the rounds on Twitter and has now had the viral treatment after thousands of other women responded with images of their own freckled wrists.

Freckles. We all have them.

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Freckles are perhaps the most common of all skin irregularities. Everyone has them, whether it's just a couple or it's hundreds. They are typically formed through the over-production of melanin, which is the chemical responsible for skin and hair color.

Freckles are typically harmless.

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Freckles tend to get darker when exposed to the sunlight, but most are completely harmless. They are often a pretty prominent feature on a person's face and the odds of having the exact same freckle in the exact same spot as another person are extremely slim.

However, it has come to light that women may all share an identical freckle...

It sounds ridiculous, I know. But Twitter has gone into melt-down after a woman tweeted a selection of images of singular freckles on different wrists. Doesn't sound like anything exciting, does it?

The tweet attracted attention from thousands of people.

Twitter-user, Aaryn Whitley, shared her post with the caption, "ladies….. u got a freckle on the middle of ur wrist or is this a myth lmao."

And the internet responded.

The responses came in thick and fast, with other women noticing the same peculiar freckle on their own wrists.

And, of course, some people couldn't resist showing off...

Those blessed with several freckles noticed that there was a prominently darker freckle around the same spot as the other women.

Some started questioning their own sex...

The post made some poor women feel a bit excluded, as it appears that not all of us share the same freckle. Don't worry, Tiff. You're still part of the girl gang.

And some had a full-blown identity crisis.

The boys eventually got involved, with some being slightly worried over the presence of the girls' freckle on their own wrists.

So, is it magic?

As much as we'd love to believe that this is a result of some exciting sorcery, science gives a pretty reasonable explanation.

Most freckles are sunlight dependent.

The majority of our freckles depend on sunlight exposure to become visible, and our wrists are often the most over-exposed spots. Therefore, the melanin production will be higher in our wrists than other areas of the body.

Genes also play a role.

Whether you develop freckles at all can totally depend on your parents. Some people will never have any, no matter how much sunlight they are exposed to.

Your hair color can be a factor too...

Red heads, rejoice! Those with red hair are more likely to have fairer skin and much darker freckles.

And sensitive skin can be a cause of freckles. 

Burn in the sun easily? The likelihood of developing freckles is much higher if your skin is sensitive to sunlight. SCIENCE.

And if you don't have any freckles, you can now get fake ones.

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More and more people are wanting the sun-kissed, freckled look, but you can't just grow freckles overnight. So freckles are now being drawn on with makeup, or even tattooed on in some more extreme cases. If that isn't a compliment to freckled people, I don't know what is.

You can get the unique marks through accidental injury...

This is almost as ridiculous as it sounds. Rumor has it, if you get stabbed with a pencil, the led may embed itself into your skin and stay visible for years. Can't afford a tattoo just yet? Get your buddy to stab you with a pencil. You can see the results here. You're welcome.