Women Urged Not to Use a Vacuum to End Their Period | 22 Words

Periods. They suck. Am I right, ladies?

But whether we like it or not, our monthly little friend is always here to remind us that all is well in the downstairs department, and it's here to stay for the majority of our young adult lives. It's only six days a month to endure and we women are pretty tough! We are most definitely the strongest of the genders with the trash that we put up with every month.

There are several methods of pain relief and coping with that "time of the month," whether that's an aspirin or a form of contraception. But a method that most certainly isn't recommended is the household vacuum. Yes, a vacuum. You heard that right.

Read on to find out more about this bizarre little method and why you should never ever try it at home.

The "time of the month" is never much fun.

Let be honest with ourselves, do we ever enjoy being on our periods? Nope. But we power on through anyway, like the warriors that we are.

But if you're really desperate for it to finish...

We can all relate to that restless feeling the day before our period is due to end; that holy day cannot come quick enough! Whether it's a big night out coming up and you're desperate to wear that new, very short white dress or your boyfriend is coming round to spend the night, a period is nothing but inconvenient. It seems, however, that there are women out there who have taken some pretty drastic measures for their periods to stop instantly.

Who the hell put periods and vacuum cleaners together?

Vacuum cleaners. Yep, you heard it. I'm having trouble fathoming it as I type this out...

A nurse took to Twitter to discuss about the problem.

The nurse, known as "OdesseyT99" on Twitter, is a nurse from Seattle, WA and has taken to the social media app to warn her fellow women of the recurring problem that she has experienced on her wards.

A plea for our health.

I don't know about anyone else, but I certainly wouldn't even consider using a vacuum cleaner downstairs... The nurse is clearly concerned about this potential little trend and has warned us all of its severe health risks.

Users were naturally curious about the method.

The nurse went on to explain how some women had attempted to "suck out their periods," in hopes of ending it early. Absolutely barbaric, if you ask me.

Cringe factor...

Even just imagining the ghastly method is sending my blood cold.

Learning about the science behind our periods.

This God-send of a woman goes on to explain how our periods have flows of their own, and that applying the force of a vacuum would increase this flow by 1000 times. Yikes.

It's pretty obvious...

You'd think that some people would know to just leave their bodies to naturally do their own thing, rather than intervene with a vacuum cleaner - probably the worst out of all foreign objects to get involved in that particular area...

A harsh message for all of us.

Fair and square. Don't be "dumbasses" like these two ladies...

The consequences aren't pretty.

The two foolish women who tired this ended up going into shock and being hospitalized. Scary stuff.

Doctors have issued an urgent warning.

Speaking to The Sun, Dr. Shazia Malik said: "It's dangerous in so many ways and an utterly bizarre concept that won't work but might do serious harm. This includes vaginal laceration, damage to the cervix and life-threatening germs found on the hose".

A word of warning.

Dr. Malik goes on to explain: "If you've got a really heavy period, don't try to suck it out - you've got to look into why you're bleeding so much. You might have PCOS, Endometriosis, Fibroids, or worst case scenario being Cervical Cancer".

Listen up, ladies!

Our bodies are so important and it's essential that we allow our anatomies to flow in a natural way. If you feel like something is wrong, speak to a doctor!

Our vaginas are way too important to do things like this to them!

Take care of yourselves, ladies and make sure to get the help you need if you need it! We know that periods suck, but please don't try to vacuum it away... Here are some tweets to ease the pain of having your period, instead!