‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Will Hit Theaters and HBO Max on Christmas Day

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It looks like superhero buffs are about the get the ultimate Christmas gift this year…

But one many of us never even considered was that on the entertainment industry.

Resulting in several highly anticipated projects being delayed and pushed back. And, with the trajectory of the pandemic unknown, it’s hard to predict when the industry will get back up and running.

But there is some good news…

And it’s for the superhero fans among us.

The director of the long-awaited Wonder Woman 1984, Patty Jenkins, has given fans an update.

And we’ve got all the details for you.

But it fell victim to multiple delays and setbacks.

When 2020 came, it fared no better, as the film industry came to a screeching halt thanks to the pandemic.

But things finally seem to be looking up for those who have been itching to see Gal Gadot as the infamous Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman.

Stay tuned because we have the trailer coming right up!

Wonder Woman 1984 is the sequel to 2017’s Wonder Woman.

Making it the ninth installment in the DC Extended Universe.

Now, of course, Wonder Woman made her debut on the pages of All Star Comics in October 1941…

And superhero buffs were quickly won over by her.

Many will recognize her from the ’70s live-action TV series, The New Adventures of Wonder Woman starring Lynda Carter.

But it wasn’t until 2017 that Diana Prince got her stint on the big screen.

And follows Wonder Woman as an Amazonian warrior in training leaving home to fight a war, while discovering her full powers and true destiny.

It well and truly went down a treat with fans – grossing an eye-watering $821.8 million at the global box office.

And instantly, excitement among fans was ramped up.

Now, however, it looks like a release date for Wonder Woman 1984 has finally been announced, as well as a highly anticipated trailer.

As finds herself facing 2 new foes: Max Lord and The Cheetah.

Making it one of the only movies to continue ahead with a 2020 theater release.

Jenkins tweeted that “the time has come” for audiences to see the movie – either “in theatres, where it is made safe to do so” or through streaming services.

“We love our movies as we love our fans, so we truly hope that our film brings a little bit of joy and reprieve to you all this holiday season.”

In early October she said that: “Direct to streaming is not even being discussed. We are still 100% behind the theatrical experience for #WW84 and supporting our beloved theater business.”

Wonder Woman 1984 is due to hit screens on December 25. What an amazing Christmas gift! For more festive cheer, scroll on to find out more about Kristen Stewart’s lesbian Christmas movie…