Worker in Florida Applied for 60 Entry-Level Jobs in September and Got 1 Interview

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The employment crisis is reaching new levels of absurd – as this story proves.

Since the COVID pandemic hit, businesses across the US are claiming they’re struggling with labor shortages.

Many of those who were working minimum hourly wages have simply decided they’re worth more – leading to many places being understaffed.

However, one Floridian man decided to test whether this shortage had had any impact on the job market.

Joey Holz spent all of September completing 2 job applications per day – totaling 60 applications overall, for the mathematically challenged amongst us.

He wanted to prove that it wasn’t the government stimulus checks and benefits (which have since ceased) that was causing businesses to struggle finding people to work.

He believed it was the poor pay and lack of benefits that was causing people to eschew these jobs, instead.

“If this extra money that everyone’s supposedly living off of stopped in June and it’s now September, obviously, that’s not what’s stopping them,” he told Insider.

And following his application spree, Holz ended up with just 9 email responses, 1 follow-up phone call, and 1 interview.

“58 applications says y’all aren’t desperate for workers, you just miss your slaves,” Holz joked on Facebook.

Holz also pointed out that his own boss managed to make it through the pandemic without staffing issues.

“Nobody leaves those positions because he takes care of his people,” Holz suggested.