Staff at one of Kylie Jenner's factory's where she produces makeup felt "degraded" by supervisors and were even banned from looking at the reality star when she visited.

The twenty-three-year-old reality star launched Kylie Cosmetics 6 years ago and it's safe to say, she hasn't looked back since!

Irene Lopez says she was hired to work on the assembly line in 2016 in Spatz Laboratories in Oxnard, California, where they manufactured the products when the brand first started.

Kylie occasionally visited the factory, which she does not own or control, with her mother Kris Jenner to check in on how her products were manufactured. However, Irene told The Sun: "She would come by and watch us work to see what we did."

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"Before they would come in our supervisors would tell us, 'You are not allowed to talk with them, you guys are supposed to keep on working, you guys are not allowed to take any pictures or ask any questions'."

"We had to be quiet and continue working. They would come around and just watch us on the machines or filling up the makeup tubes. They wouldn't talk to us, they never talked to me, they would talk to the leads and just walk around and look at everything. It's not like she didn't see what the conditions were."

Martha Molasco, another employee of Spatz Laboratories, was hired by a separate temp agency to work for the factory from 2015 to 2017 and handled Kylie's products during her time there.

Her story reads the same, as she was also under the strict "rules" workers had to follow if the reality star visited: "Supervisors would say, 'Don't talk to them, don't even look at them'."

"It was messed up. We were doing her product and we couldn't talk to her. We couldn't see her. If we're doing her product and all the work is on us, she should be aware of it."

According to a source for The Sun, Kylie is no longer partnered with Spatz and they never personally gave any instructions for the workers to not talk or look at them. The source claims that Kylie and Kris had no indication the workers were under such strict instructions during their visits.

Irene claimed she felt "degraded" during her time with the company and said the staff was expected to complete quotas of up to 1,200 products every day: "The supervisors I had there had been very degrading towards everybody. Everything had to be perfectly made and if it wasn't they would throw it away in your face like it was trash. If you didn't go fast enough, you were going to get fired."

She even claimed that in one instance, a supervisor threw all of her completed stock in the trash and demanded she starts all over again. She added that their training was insufficient as it was only for "5 minutes" and she was "verbally threatened" and "degraded" if she asked questions to her superiors.

"When you did ask questions, you were kind of degraded. It seemed like every question you asked was a stupid question. How are you going to learn if you don't ask questions?"

Martha also says she was treated poorly during her time at the factory: "The supervisor told me, 'You've been here 2 years, I can't believe you haven't caught up with the machine, you should be packaging twice as much as these new girls.' I kind of felt degraded. I'm trying to do the best I can and you still yell at me in front of everybody? I can only do so much."

Martha even went as far as to say the hard labor she experienced left her with medical issues that she still struggles with today, explaining: "Doing all that hand laboring, I have issues where my hands crack and the pain shoots from my hand to my elbow. I still have that pain. I blame them!"

In March 2016, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star gave a behind-the-scenes look into the making of her products on her app, as a teaser video showed her filling up liquid lipstick tubes. Do you believe these horrendous accusations?