This 16-Year-Old Vegan Makes the Most Incredible Food Art Ever | 22 Words

Most of us tend to eat our meals without too much thought for what our plate looks like.

After all, it's all going to the same place, right?

No need to take the extra time to make it look pretty.

Well, there's a young man named José who actually does care about what his food looks like. He's a 16-year-old food artist who posts his creations on Instagram. They're absolutely incredible.

He makes a lot of smoothie bowls:

via: Instagram

Like this adorable one with a little polar bear! Don't you just want to go for a swim in that smoothie?!

Here's another one:

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This beach scene features some seashells, sand, and starfish. All completely edible, of course. Also, completely vegan!

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at how he made another smoothie bowl:

Those gemstones are made from a combination of strawberry juice, coconut milk, sweetener, and agar-agar (a jelly-like substance obtained from red algae).

Just try not to be completely entranced by this video:

You can't, right? It's 100 percent impossible. However, José's talent isn't limited to smoothie bowls. You've got to see some of his other stunning food art.

Like this unicorn cake:

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A little morbid, perhaps, but also really beautiful. Plus — again — it's vegan! So no unicorns (or nonimaginary animals) were harmed.

Frubix cube, anyone?

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No idea how this was made. All I know is that I want to take a gigantic bite out of it.

Little piggy smoothies!

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Smoothies, donuts, tiny pigs — this picture clearly has it all. Has any other 16-year-old in history ever made something this adorable? I kinda doubt it.

This one might be my absolute favorite:

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Dare I say it? This smoothie bowl is out of this world.

Forget avocado toast.

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José's toast game is on a whole 'nother level. I call dibs on that peanut butter/chocolate one in the bottom right! This next picture is for anyone who was bothered by that dead unicorn cake.

Yep. These are pretty much perfect.

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According to an interview with Buzzfeed, José uses a lot of natural foods to dye his smoothies. Some examples are matcha powder, mango, and spirulina.

I call this one Starry Toast.

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People usually say things like this are too pretty to eat. I'm not going to say that, though. I definitely want to eat this.

When photographing his dishes, José usually has to work pretty quickly.

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Since most of his works of art are frozen, he has a limited amount of time to get the perfect shot. (Note the ice crystals on the frozen blueberries here.)

His photography skills are just as impressive as his food styling!

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José plans to go into art direction, or "anything related to art." Something tells me he's not going to have any trouble with that.

These popsicles really pop!

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I don't know what the weather is like where you live right now, but these popsicles are basically the only thing I want to eat right now. Wanna see another amazing smoothie bowl? Of course you do.

Here you go!

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José says that making the smoothie base itself only takes a few seconds. Prior to that, he spends time making sketches, gathering ingredients and materials, and even creating mood boards. Yup. Mood boards. He's clearly very dedicated to his craft.

The trick to getting such smooth smoothies?

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He says the trick is to only use frozen fruit in the smoothies (no extra liquid or ice cubes). He recommends frozen bananas especially.

More cute popsicles!

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José currently has more than 1 million followers on Instagram. At 16 years old! He's going places.

There's something so relaxing at looking at these works of art.

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I suspect the only thing I'd enjoy more would be eating them.

Oh yeah, he also creates magical donuts.

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Because there's nothing he can't do, apparently. Give José a follow on Instagram! And share this with someone who loves art and food!