A world-famous gorilla named Rafiki has sadly lost his life after being mercilessly killed by hunters in Uganda.

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It is a devastating reality that the majority of animals that are extinct are so because of humans.

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Despite its barbaric practice, hunting is still very much a popular sport and way too many animals are unnecessarily killed because of it.

Of course, hunting remains very popular in several states here in America...

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But Africa is sadly the world's hotspot for hunting and poaching.

Trophy hunting is all too common in Africa...

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And its native animals, such as elephants, lions, zebras, and antelopes, are ruthlessly killed every year to simply become a trophy for the hunter.

Did you know?

Their numbers have fallen from as many as ten million a hundred years ago to as few as 400,000 today.

Many argue that trophy hunting is actually saving wildlife...

But we all know that killing wild animals for sport is not good for "conservation"... at all.

And there's no denying how cruel hunting is...

Why can't people just leave these beautiful wild animals alone?!

But it seems that hunters aren't prepared to stop their inhumane sport any time soon...

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Devastating news has come in that a world-famous gorilla has just lost his life after being "speared" by hunters.

Rafiki was a twenty-five-year-old mountain gorilla who lived in Uganda.

The gentle giant was a favorite of tourists who spent the majority of his life in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park.

He was the leader of a group of seventeen gorillas...

This group was described as habituated, meaning that its members were used to human contact.

Rafiki and his group were one of the reasons why tourists were drawn to the national park...

And for years now, people from all around the world have been traveling to Uganda to get a glimpse of these majestic creatures.

But on June the 1st, Rafiki went missing from his usual spot.

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A search party found his body the following day.

A spear had been thrust into Rafiki's abdomen...

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And according to National Geographic, the spear penetrated as deep as his internal organs.

It was a brutal attack...

And Rafiki did not deserve to die.

In the wild, there are just over 1,000 mountain gorillas in existence...

And the Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) has described Rafiki's death as a "very big blow."

Rafiki's death will be potentially disastrous to the group of gorillas he has left behind.

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"The death of Rafiki leaves the group unstable and there is the possibility that it could disintegrate," Bashir Hangi from the UWA told the BBC. "It has no leadership at this time and it could be taken over by a wild silverback."

Authorities in Uganda have now arrested four suspected poachers following Rafiki's death.

Rangers tracked a suspect to a nearby village, where he was allegedly found with bushmeat as well as snares, a spear, and bells to be strapped to the collars of hunting dogs. He admitted that he and 3 others had been hunting antelope in the park and that he killed Rafiki in self-defense after the animal attacked.

The 4 men could face life imprisonment or a fine of $5.4 million if found guilty of killing an endangered species.

This follows warnings from conservationists and government officials that the global pandemic and accompanying lockdowns could force people to resort to poaching out of desperation.

The country’s nationwide curfew has closed national parks and suspended ecotourism expeditions to see the gorillas in their natural habitat...

"Park managers across the mountain gorilla range are indicating higher than normal human activities, many illegal," director of the International Gorilla Conservation Programme Behm Masozera said.

Of course, people all around the world have been left heartbroken over Rafiki's death...

And many have been expressing their anger over the people who are responsible for this cold-blooded killing.

Rest in Peace, Rafiki.

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