World's Best Professor Gives His Students Hilarious Extra Credit Questions | 22 Words

The probability of taking a statistics class and cracking up while taking exam aren't that great...unless you have a professor who knows the value of humor and offers very unconventional extra credit questions.

Who said math can't be entertaining?


Well, lots of people, but that doesn't mean it can't be made a little more fun by a teacher

Many teachers find extra-credit questions as a fun, low-stakes way to inject some fun in the classroom. We've seen crazy ones before, like this.

Hmmm. That's a tough one. Sounds more like a philosophy question.

But this specific teacher manages to (repeatedly) balance some dry, sometimes tedious subject matter with a little more fun.


It may not be something from Dead Poet's Society, but anything that shakes off the cobwebs you can get from low-level math is something worth applauding.

Are you up on your 80s/90s primetime TV?

Let's hope so, because this is question #1 from the teacher, with many more to come.

Did YOU get it, dude?


That one, despite being fun, was kind of tough, admittedly. I would say they get easier, but that's subjective. They do get more fun, though!

Can you name the song?


Chances are, you get the lyrics, but who sang it? (Hint: More than two people were on the microphone.)

Fortunately, you can guess this one.

I mean, what color pants does ANYONE working in insurance wear?

This Twitter user probably tweeted this out during the test to get the points.

Apparently, lots of people want to know the answer.

Points for trying?

You'd think a teacher this crafty would reward a crafty answer, but... ... NO.

Cher would have gotten it without prior notice.


Cher from Clueless, that is.

That's a pretty dumb conversation.

POINTS AWARDED! Congrats on hanging around brain-dead folks!

I wonder if the person missed that because they were too young.


Or too old. Or just pop culture tone-dead at any age.

Straightforward enough!

Not easy, mind you, but straightforward. I doubt anyone had the presence of mind to sneak THIS in on a piece of paper.

Rewarding courage!

Well, not quite. More like punishing impulsiveness.

Remember when teachers tell you to read all the way through before starting your work?

Yeah, me too. It seems like this guy is handing out life lessons even in his extra credit!