World’s Best Professor Gives His Students Hilarious Extra Credit Questions

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The probability of taking a statistics class and cracking up while taking exam aren’t that great…unless you have a professor who knows the value of humor and offers very unconventional extra credit questions.

Well, lots of people, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be made a little more fun by a teacher

Hmmm. That’s a tough one. Sounds more like a philosophy question.

It may not be something from Dead Poet’s Society, but anything that shakes off the cobwebs you can get from low-level math is something worth applauding.

Let’s hope so, because this is question #1 from the teacher, with many more to come.

That one, despite being fun, was kind of tough, admittedly. I would say they get easier, but that’s subjective. They do get more fun, though!

Chances are, you get the lyrics, but who sang it? (Hint: More than two people were on the microphone.)

I mean, what color pants does ANYONE working in insurance wear?

Apparently, lots of people want to know the answer.

You’d think a teacher this crafty would reward a crafty answer, but… … NO.

Cher from Clueless, that is.

POINTS AWARDED! Congrats on hanging around brain-dead folks!

Or too old. Or just pop culture tone-dead at any age.

Not easy, mind you, but straightforward. I doubt anyone had the presence of mind to sneak THIS in on a piece of paper.

Well, not quite. More like punishing impulsiveness.

Yeah, me too. It seems like this guy is handing out life lessons even in his extra credit!