World’s First Cheese Conveyor Belt Restaurant Opened This Week | 22 Words

The food industry is constantly creating new and imaginative ways of presenting food. With the rate that things are going, nothing surprises me anymore.

The revelation of the world's first-ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant means that we will all be able to indulge in dairy products but in a more quirky manner. Who wants a waiter delivering your food to you when you can just pick it from a rubber belt? This is going to be revolutionary, I guarantee it.

Keep scrolling to see all of the amazing pictures of this new invention and to see what the restaurant is offering...

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but the first-ever cheese conveyor belt restaurant has opened its doors!

Situated in London, England, this new business involves receiving your favorite cheese dishes on a conveyor belt. No waiters, no hassle, just pick what you want from the belt.

This isn't the first time that we've seen this method of food delivery in restaurants.

With the success of conveyor belts in restaurants in sushi joints such as "Yo! Sushi," you would think that people would have hopped on this bandwagon a lot sooner.

"Yo! Sushi" has been around since 1997.

The franchise has provided us with some of the best and most authentic Japanese treats with a unique twist.

After revolutionizing the way that we eat food, it seems like, finally, someone else is following suit.

With the introduction of The Cheese Bar's very own side project conveniently named "Pick and Cheese," we can now expect to enjoy cheese, wine, and meat in a fancy setting while receiving our food on a forty-meter long rubber belt.

The establishment will also be host to twenty-five different types of cheeses.

All of the popular British varieties will be available to purchase on color-coded plates that correspond to a price list. So, whatever tickles your fancy, you can just pick it off of the belt and enjoy!

This includes some British homemade favorites.

Red Leicester, Yorkshire Pecorino, and Cornish Gouda, served with a specially chosen condiment, are among the dairy delicacies that "Pick and Cheese" offers.

Mathew Carver, the founder of "The Cheese Bar" said this:

"At 'Pick & Cheese' we want to show that cheese and wine bars don't have to be boring and can be enjoyed by everyone, whether you're dropping in for a quick plate of British cheese and a glass of something unusual, or settling in for a cheese flight and a bottle of natural wine."

It's a pretty simple but exciting dining experience.

You pick a seat along the belt, pick your cheese dish, and watch it take its "flight" to you. There are also a range of "off-belt" dishes to choose from.

From four-cheese grilled sandwiches to jalapeno poppers...

This restaurant wants nothing more than to satisfy your cheese cravings and, judging by these pictures, that's exactly what they'll do.

"If your Grilled Cheese Sandwiches aren’t overflowing… you’re not it doing right."

We wholeheartedly agree!

Just a little dip...

"Scooping up our London Burrata with hazelnut and sage pesto the only way we know how… with sourdough."

Spice up your life!

"Introducing you to our Jalapeño Poppers. They’re filled with pickled jalapeños, Fior di Latte Mozzarella, and Mascarpone and are just waiting to be dunked into our home-made garlic and herb dip."

An award-winning combination!

"Our Poutine is topped with chicken, Quicke’s curd and chicken gravy and then sprinkled with crispy onions… you don’t want to be missing out on this!"

"Pull, pull, pull!"

This counts as a workout, right? It must!

Double (dairy) trouble!

"Just imagine you’re lying underneath that grater with your mouth open… OK, we won’t let you do that, but you can order these Cheese Puffs and it’s almost the same thing."

A very cheese breakfast.

I would wake up extra early for a breakfast like this!

They even do dessert too!

"Trust us when we say you’ll want to save room for this 🍫! New on the menu, our Chocolate and Goat Cheese Mousse is made with goats cheese mousse and served with sweet fig & kirsch compote..."

And don't even get me started on the drinks...

A cheesy twist on a classic Bloody Mary? Count me in!

The restaurant has also been commended for its use of local farmers.

Rather than just using cheap, or big-name chains to make their products, this company has chosen to utilize the small businesses in their local area, giving them a well-deserved shoutout every time they use their products.

If you're not shaking with excitement, you must be lactose intolerant.

But, nowadays, you can get vegan cheese, right? So that's the next step! I cannot wait! And, if you want to hear all about more tasty new creations, then get a load of this! Krispy Kreme is now selling pumpkin spice doughnuts stuffed with cheesecake filling! Yes, you read that right! Keep scrolling for a sneak peek at what a piece of glazed heaven looks like...