‘World’s Loneliest House’ on Remote Island Has Been Empty For Over 100 Years

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An abandoned house has caught everyone’s attention recently after being dubbed as “the world’s loneliest house,” and there have been some rather interesting rumors surrounding its origin. Read on to check it out alongside some of the most eye-opening properties on the market…

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The “world’s loneliest house” that has been empty for more than one-hundred years.

And because it has been deserted for such a long time, rumors have emerged over the property’s origins.

Other people suggest a religious hermit may be living there. But the most popular theory – which was later debunked – said that the Icelandic government had gifted the island to singer Bjork.

And it was built by the Elliðaey Hunting Association as a base to hunt puffins that feast on the abundant supply of fish in the waters below. The house serves as a hunting base for the group to support their activities on the island.

So we wouldn’t say it’s the ideal place to live! Still pretty cool though, right? Read on for more intriguing remote houses…