World’s Oldest White Rhino Dies Aged 54 After Collapsing on His Way To Bed

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Unfortunately, Grandpa Toby, the world’s oldest white rhino has died at the age of fifty-four, and we’re all devastated about the tragic news…

The world’s oldest white rhino, Nonno Toby, also known as Grandpa Toby, has passed away on October 6th after collapsing tragically on the way to bed.

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Grandpa Toby lived peacefully at Parco Natura Viva in the Northern region of Italy. And although it’s broke the hearts of many around the world, at least we know his wise old spirit is in a happy place now.

But that doesn’t mean we’re ever going to forget him…

Even after passing away, as he will be preserved at the MuSe science museum in Trento, Italy. So, you might be tearing up over the loss of such a great mammal, but his adventure isn’t over yet, as he goes on to inspire and educate generations to come.

And we can’t imagine how the zoo family are feeling right now either.

The loss of a companion is tremendously tough, and so is the general loss of an animal at the zoo. Going from seeing, feeding, and forming a bond with Grandpa Toby, to having to deal with his absence, will be painful.

“He collapsed on the floor on the way back to his nighttime shelter, and after about half an hour, his heart stopped,” a member of the zoo staff Elisa Livia Pennacchioni said to AFP.

And although Grandpa Toby’s subspiecies of rhino isn’t yet endangered, it’s still a concern that can’t be ignored.

As a southern white rhino, Toby’s species is heart-wrenchingly the only 1 out of 5 species of Rhino that isn’t yet endangered, as per WWF.

But, it doesn’t mean they’re safe, and this is why zoos such as the Parco Natura Viva, and others like it around the world, do everything in their power to shield white rhinos from the barbaric sport of poaching.

This shocking sport is the leading threat for rhinos in Africa.

It involves poaching a rhino for the illegal trade of its horn, which, according to Rhinorest, can be sold for up to $65,000 per kilogram. And although some survive, and are rescued, others are tragically killed by poachers.

Rest in Peace Grandpa Toby, you will be missed.