World’s Sweetest Dad Takes Daughter to Disneyland for Every Breakup She’s Been Through

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Breakups can be mindnumbing. You can wind up feeling quite empty inside, and nothing seems to bring you joy, or at least for a little while anyway, and it’s always important to find ways to help yourself heal a little bit each day.

Well, 1 girl has revealed a tradition she has with her dad when she goes through a breakup, and it’s way too adorable.

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If you’ve been through a breakup, you just know how it feels, right? Everything within your body just feels…Well, numb, and you keep getting this rising sickly sensation in your stomach that you just can’t seem to control because you feel lost and extremely sad.

But, what can help you when you’re feeling like that? Being around people.

And TikToker @kenziritotheburrito shared her breakup experiences, and what her father did for her to help her get through it.

Sharing the video, she amassed 310.5k likes, with people dubbing it as “the purest thing ever.”

In the video, she wrote: “Thinking about how both times my relationships ended my dad took me to disneyland, just him and I together.”

She then showed a picture of her and her pappa bear, labeling it “breakup number 1.”

And she then shared her “breakup number 2” photos.

Her post blew up with over 2 million people seeing it, and gushing over her dads kind heartedness.

“We must protect him at all costs,” 1 person wrote in the comments.

“This man is a SAINT,” another wrote.

Pia Mia even responded to the video saying: “Why am I crying?”

So, I think her post just hit everybody differently, and we mean everybody.

Well Pia, I think it’s because we all know how dull it feels to endure a breakup.

And we have to admit that this is the most adorable thing we’ve ever seen.

What do you do after a breakup?